Vedic wellness

We believe that the wisdom of Ayurveda, For Body , Mind & Soul is one of the greatest contributions of indian culture to world.
Vedic wellness based in Hanoi, Vietnam, purely promoting authentic & traditional Indian Ayurveda Vietnam. We provide traditional Ayurvedic therapy as well as yoga in a blissfully peaceful environment.
Vedic offer a range of traditional treatments includes panchkarma, naturopathy & yoga therapies.
Vedic is specailizing in the ancient discipline of hath yoga. We have different wellness therapy to provide high quality health to individuals.
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We deliver the most practical system of strategies for developing the best in a person’s health and happiness. This includes increased emotional intelligence, enlivened consciousness, improved energy and resilience, along with stress reduction and preventative medicine. 

Our methods are based on the Vedic tradition of India, the complete and timeless knowledge of natural law. The practical techniques are known to bring life transforming results quickly and sustainable, for benefits now and in the future.

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