How to buy a good yoga mat

Tuesday - 22/08/2017 14:34
Choosing a yoga mat is like choosing a good friend, when we fall, it will always be there to support us.
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Yoga mats specifically designed to assist in the practice of yoga prevent the hands and feet from slipping while practicing yoga postures. It is commonly referred to as non-slip mats, non-slip mats or sticky mats.

In ancient India, people practiced Yoga on Kusha grass, on hard ground, even deer skin or tiger skin. However, practitioners rarely use this material because of its expensive cost.

Some time later, the West developed a carpet made of PVC and had a bonding strength. However, you can only choose between blue and purple only.

Today, choosing a yoga mat is easier and more stylish. In addition to the variety of colors, patterns, carpet must be fixed posture for you, easily stored or carried away.

Choosing a yoga mat will reflect our mate's personality: how thick? What to do with it? Surface texture?

A standard yoga mat is about 3 cups thick, if you like thick you can choose 06 cups. In addition, there is a type commonly referred to as "Travel Yoga Mat" with a thickness of about 1.5 cups, which is easy to fold and carry.

Most standard yoga mats are made of PVC. However, in order to be environmentally friendly and not compromising on health, we should choose mats made from natural rubber, recycled materials, jute and cotton.

"Choosing a rug is like choosing a good friend, when we fall, it will always be there and support us."

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