Popular meditation techniques

Monday - 20/11/2017 15:59
Just as there are many types of Hatha Yoga practices, meditation also has many ways to do it. Learn about common meditation techniques and how to practice meditation to find the right way for you.

Meditation by sound
Meditation requires the use of mantras (by repeating a word or phrase) to help the mind concentrate and reach a state of deep relaxation. When the body reaches its deepest resting state, the nervous system automatically removes the external elements from the body, from which the nervous system is clean and the body is healthy. The most commonly used word is the word "om".
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Meditate on the breath
This is the type of meditation that holds the thoughts and emotions by focusing on the breath and observing the surroundings without judging good or bad.

Photo Meditation
This technique is used to relieve pain by visualizing a natural vivid object such as flowers or the ocean; Or imagine a part of the body healing through the image and the breath.

Meditation by physical sensation
Another way to meditate is by physical feeling. It's like focusing on the breath. This method requires you to deeply feel a special sensation that attracts your attention, such as the warmth and cold of your hands. Until your sensitivity has improved, you can shift focus to another point, such as the strength of the spine or the flexibility you feel in your lower body.

Observing a particular emotion or any irritating area is a possibility. Whatever you choose is still your focus. You may find that observing a physical sensation may be more difficult than observing the breath. For most beginners, meditating with sound, meditation with images and breathing is easier than this meditation.

How to meditate?
Older followers spend 20 to 45 minutes a day meditating. However, for beginners, a shorter time of 5-10 minutes will be better and slowly increase to 30 minutes or longer over time. The best way to practice meditation is to go to a Yoga course. Here are the basics that will help you start practicing meditation:

Find a quiet, undisturbed place at any time. Sit on a pillow or chair or lie down on the carpet if you feel uncomfortable sitting down, as long as your spine is straight.
Choose a focus point to gently draw attention (possibly a candle, for example), focus on the breath, think of a gentle mental image like a waterfall or a mantra - repeating the word "om". Without looking at something, you can close your eyes.

Gently allow yourself to focus fully on the focus. Your mind drifts naturally, thinking about the accomplishment of that day or the dream of the night before. Do not be upset when you are distracted. Just note simple thoughts without good judgment and then return to your focus.

This process is quite simple. Maybe at first you feel uncomfortable and quite meaningless. The mind moves from one thought to another through rest to the rest by focusing on the original image. But the result may be great: meditation and meditation can often bring many psychological and physical benefits. Meditation focuses on you, the more time you spend meditating, the more balanced you feel even when you are not meditating. These are the greatest benefits that meditation brings. With the basic knowledge of meditation that we have shared with you hope to help you practice successfully.

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