4 yoga exercises to regulate stress

Monday - 22/01/2018 10:46
Quiet mind is a way to help us find ourselves and feel relaxed before the pressures around us. For a long time, practicing yoga is considered a method of increasing flexibility, reducing stress. In the long run, Yoga helps to regulate thoughts, reduce anxiety along with its effects.
Bring you a playful spirit, comfortable with a tough body. Let's explore four yoga exercises that are very helpful in reducing stress.
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Child posture
The baby sitting posture is a relaxing posture that can calm your mind, eliminate stress and anxiety and gently stretch your back. It also has positive effects on the nervous system and lymphatic vessels. This is an important posture, you can practice in the middle of the workout whenever you want to relieve stress, so you can feel the depth of the person inside yourself.

Start with knees on the floor, knees and palms facing the floor. The two knees apart a pleasant distance with you. Climb your toes to the floor.

- Exhale at the same time slowly lower the hips to sit on the heels, pull the body back. Hands stretching, stretching to stretch the back straight.

- Breathe regularly in this position. Hold back for a while.

Bridge posture
The bridge posture lets you gently stretch the back and legs and relieve pressure stress. It reduces anxiety, backache, headache even as one of the most effective treatments for reducing high blood pressure. You can do this with a pillow in your bones (buttocks), so you can enjoy maximum relaxation while exercising.

- Start with your back. You can fold a scarf under your shoulders to protect your neck. Fold your knees, feet on the floor so your feet are as close as possible.

- Exhale and lift the hips off the ground. The knee and foot form a straight line perpendicular to the floor. Tighten elbow. Raise the arm straight up keeping the two sides of the waist.

- Breathe regularly in this position. Hold on for a while. Breathe down when down.

Position stooping
This gesture is usually a transition between postures, bending over has extremely beneficial effects even when set individually. It stretches the waist, thighs and hips effectively and reduces stress and depression. If stress reduction is your primary goal, this position maximizes the impact when your knees bend slightly. It is not only good for your feet but also allows you to retreat. Feeling like you are stopping the flow of blood and depositing yourself.

- First you stand with your legs wide open, then bend down and do the hugging body.

- This position requires you to relax the head and neck, in addition you can change the arm movement to feel more comfortable. Try to keep the body in one minute.

Posture of banana plantation
Banana cultivation helps keep your back muscles healthy, helping to relieve back pain. In addition, this posture also works to reduce stress, anti-aging effect because the blood will pour in more, bringing the nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

- First, you kneel and anti-elbow to the floor. The arms are parallel, the elbows are about one shoulder apart.

- Hold your elbows firmly. Knit your fingers tight and tight. The tip of the wrist and the edge of the wrist are firmly placed on the floor. The hands knit together to form a crown.

- Anti-tip to the floor. Note the hands tightly behind the head, do not put your hands down the nape. Put your elbows on the elbows. Hold for several breaths.

- Fold your knees (if needed). Keep your body healthy. Slowly raise your legs. At this point the knee is facing the ceiling, the heel is close to the buttocks. (Note to protect the spine, lift one foot, keep one leg between 1-2 breaths and change feet. Repeat this movement 2-3 times).

Keep your body firm and firm. Slowly straighten your legs.

Stress is a difficult to avoid in modern life. However, we believe that with just 4 simple movements per day, stress will no longer be the obsession that prevents you from living happier and more useful each day.


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