4 yoga moves help the round 1 charm

Sunday - 14/01/2018 08:22
Yoga not only beautify the hair, but by directly affecting the chest muscles, the gentle but full of internal Yoga postures will help the chest muscles expand, toned. From there, help the owner round 1 round charm in the fastest time with absolute safety.
tu the vu cong

Posture of the tree (Vrksasana)
This action works to strengthen the chest muscles, help lift the chest, chest expand more.

- In the prepared position, you stand upright, your legs are wide with your shoulders

- Next, slowly step up one foot so that your foot touches the thigh of the foot as a pillow. At the same time, put your hands together and raise up. Take deep and steady breath.

- Hold for 10-15 minutes.

Dancers (Stabdhasana)
This yoga position is very beneficial to your chest, shoulders and neck, helping your breasts expand quickly

- First, you stand two feet wide with your shoulders. Hands in front of each other, high shoulder. Stretch your arms as if you were pressing them against an invisible wall in front of you

- Next, keep your posture and turn your arm, turning to the right. Then return to the position of two hands knit each other, hold the space about 5 to 10 minutes.

- Turn around and pull both hands to the left, twisting yourself. Back to the position of two hands knit together.

- Repeat this action about 4- 5 times.

Cow Face Pose
Cow Face Pose works to strengthen and tighten the chest muscles.

- First, you need to sit on the roof and be sure on the floor with legs stretched open.

- Fold the left knee and put the left heel against the right hip. Let your left knee lie over your right knee. The right heel will touch the left hip.

- Then you bend your left arm and loop it over your shoulder, behind your back. Similarly, bend your right arm and put it behind your back.

Continue, grasp your hands together and hold your back straight for 30 seconds.

- Then you do the same by changing legs, changing hands.

Ardha Matsyendrasana
Rotating half-sitting position enhances the development of chest muscles.

- Preparation: You sit straight on the floor, legs stretched straight.

Then, you fold your right leg and squeeze to the left, the left leg doing the same but under the right foot so that the ankle should touch the left knee.

- Next, put your right hand to the ground, turn the upper body to the right, face turned to the right. Place your left hand on your right leg, keeping your position for 30 seconds.

- Change the position to the left (similar to the right).

We hope that, with 4 yoga exercises to increase the size of the round 1 as above will help women can improve their size ring 1 is more attractive.

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