5 Simple Yoga Exercises to Reduce Fat in the Armpits

Wednesday - 10/01/2018 07:38
The arms are easy to accumulate fat, most of the exercises are tapered hand using the method of lifting weights or anti-push, making the hand is neat but less slim, neat. If you are looking for a lightweight exercise that does not require complicated equipment and can still reduce fat in your arms, then try the following five Yoga exercises.
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One-legged pigeon's position
This position helps to stretch the muscles of the hands, thighs and shoulders and stimulate the abdominal, shoulder and chest organs.

- You both feet to the ground, two pillows separated by a hip and two arms separated by a shoulder.

- Lay the person up so that the hip is on the pillow and the shoulder is on the wrist, both legs and arms are straight.

Apply force to the palm to bring energy to the lower body and strengthen the pelvis, the force down to 10 fingers.

- Swing the outer part of the upper arm inward to extend the upper body and extend the heel.

Hold the posture in 5 breaths, then return to the original posture and relax.

Reverse backboard posture
Strengthen the body especially the wrist, back and legs. Thereby, it affects the fat in the arm as well as improves the capacity of the muscles.

- You lay down on the floor in a pushing position, facing forward.

Inhale at the same time lift the thighs to the ceiling. Breathlessly.

- Fold the elbow 90 degrees, elbow lying upright with wrist, shoulders horizontal line with the elbow, keep the upper body extended.

- Hold for 5 to 20 seconds. After performing the posture, shake hands to help relax the wrists.

Bridge posture
The bridge position works to tighten the shoulders, neck, arms and palms. Thereby, contribute to reduce anxiety, fatigue, back pain, headache and insomnia.

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet apart with a hip.

- Two arms along the body, palms down.

Breathe in, and push your feet to the floor to raise your hips and then back up from the floor, as high as you can.

When you exhale, you lower your back to the floor from your upper back, middle back, lower back, and then to your hips.

Repeat the sequence for 6 to 8 breaths.

Half moon position
This advanced technique helps you increase the effectiveness of reducing biceps and stretching muscles, especially to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

- You start with a straight upright posture. Then, turn left and wide left foot.

- Raise the arms high shoulder width, spread out on both sides. His feet spread wide across his wrist. Turn your right foot 90 degrees, slightly rotate left leg.

- Tilt the person to the right, push the hips forward, the left leg raised to the hips, lowered to touch the floor.

The left hand points straight up to the sky, straightening the feet. Turn your head slightly, with your left thumb.

- Hold for 30 seconds then swap side.

The stoop is inclined
This exercise will help reduce your arm fat.

- You stand upright, then extend your legs a little more than your shoulders.

- Next, you fold forward, use the left hand to land on the pillars, the right hand raised, eye to hand, knees straight.

- Then you change sides and repeat the movement.

The 5 Yoga postures, not only help you burn calories but also strengthen the upper and lower body, giving your arm a beautiful and muscular body, giving you confidence in the clothes. short sleeves in everyday life.

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