6 yoga postures improve bumps

Friday - 02/02/2018 09:53
Using smartphones, computers, doing office work with the wrong posture for a long time makes the workforce tend to stoop (hunchback) without knowing it.

When sitting in the wrong position for a long time, the shoulders will sag and the chest inward, causing loss of flexibility for the muscles, ligaments and joints in the shoulder and chest. Shrimp makes the shape look worse, looks "poor", creating a sense of lazy and lack of confidence. Not only is the body not beautiful, this position is also one of the causes of back pain, neck fatigue, neck, shoulders, arms, carpal tunnel syndrome ... With only 6 yoga poses, Your spine, your posture can be improved. Not only that, the aches are also gradually disappear.
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Mountain posture
Mountain exercises are posture adjustments that force you to stand upright all the time. So if you do this correctly every day, your posture will improve, your back straight and your confidence will be better. In addition, fatigue will dissipate, supportive treatment for people with neuropathy.

Note: People who have headaches, low blood pressure, insomnia should consult a doctor before doing.

Stand straight with two feet parallel to each other, both hands relaxed. Breathe deep breaths, try to squeeze the lower abdomen raise the chest (when breathing out remember to relax the body). Hold for 45 seconds - 1 minute (about 10 breaths).

Posture of the tree
Often those who are unbalanced, the body will tend to bend forward and easily hunch back and abdomen. This yoga posture focuses on improving the balance of the body. Although it may seem simple, in fact, in order to be able to stand up, it takes a certain amount of time.

Note: People with leg problems, blood pressure problems, migraines or sleeplessness should not do this.

Start with the mountain as above. Then center the left leg, the right leg bent, the right foot placed on the inner thigh of the left leg (which can start from lower points like the inside of the knee, and gradually increase if you are not familiar.

Keep your hands straight up in the sky with your palms facing each other (or place your hands in front of your chest as if laying hands to pray). Hold in about 10 breaths. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg.

Stance of dog bending forward
Stretching the dog is a great yoga posture to improve the posture of the practitioner. Because it stretches and stretches the spine, extends to the shoulders of the practitioner.

Let's start this posture by putting your hands and feet on the ground, bending your face, raising the butt to the sky into a triangle-shaped corner. The fingers should spread and the back should be straight. Exhale, slightly bent toe, lifting the knee up from the floor. Pay attention as straight as possible and try to keep the sole of the foot against the floor in a stooped position.

Posture plank
This posture reduces fatigue, strengthens the spine and helps you maintain better balance as well as contribute to keeping your posture "straight".

Hold the body parallel to the floor, lift the person up to the air and balance with the force of the foot and wrists. Hold for 30 seconds and lower to the ground, repeat posture 5 times.

Cobra posture
The snake posture gently dilates the spine and upper body, extremely helpful in relieving back and neck muscles. Regular exercise will reduce stress, anxiety and stress; It is even effective with depression.

Lay down on the floor, legs open with hips. Two arms pressed against the body, hands clopped to the floor. Touch the floor, relax your shoulders. Breathe in, lower your arms, place your weight on your hands, lift your head and chest up, pointing your head back, keeping it for a few seconds. Exhale, slowly lower the body before and head to the floor. Repeat position from 8 to 10 times.

Hand-knit posture
Cow hand is a position that helps the chest and shoulders are dilated as well as stretching the muscles. It helps straighteners, especially helpful with office workers or people who drive all day.

Sit on the floor, or straighten legs, or arms against both sides. The back and head are held upright perpendicular to the carpet. Raise left leg to thigh to right foot. Then slowly bend right leg. Sit on the pelvis.

Right hand raised to the ceiling, palm facing back. The left hand folds back, resting on the back, palms on the back, hands on the back. Then clasp the right hand, two hands forming two hooks, hook together. The right hand should be kept straight while pulling the left hand as shown in the picture. Hold this position for 45 seconds - 1 minute (about 10 breaths). Get back to the original position and do the same with the rest.

Note: You can use a support device if you do not reach it, such as a loop or belt.

Performing yoga postures in a daily suggestion article is an effective way for an apprentice to improve his or her posture, thereby contributing to increased self-confidence in life.

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