Benefits of yoga in the early morning

Friday - 15/12/2017 10:41
Morning exercise with yoga exercises is the best way to help you start a new day especially on these holidays.
By then, your body will be full of energy, increase your sense of well-being and help you focus and think wisely. With the following quick and easy exercises, you can apply it anywhere and bring you the following 5 miraculous effects.
tap yoga vao buoi sang

Refreshing spirit for the new day
Sanskrit morning call is "sacred time of Yoga". Because morning is the quietest space, the freshest air. This is the best yoga time of the day, helping to awaken all your senses, body, and energy.

Through deep sleep in the evening, doing yoga exercises to reduce stress in the morning to help regulate the body, training us the necessary calm and escape the thoughts, anxiety to enter New Day with a refreshing spirit.

Keeps you young
An important benefit that you should practice yoga outdoors is Yoga will help you stay young, full of energy. Yoga moves in an open space will slow down the aging process of the heart, liver and kidneys; At the same time stimulate the body to produce many good hormones for the body like serotonin, endorphin makes you always feel happy, happy, love life. When body and mind are always healthy, it will affect the skin, help prevent acne, dark spots, make skin bright, smooth and look you are young, love life.

Promotes metabolism in the body
A few minutes of morning start with yoga will help the metabolism in your body "movement" along. In this way, the metabolism in your body will be more favorable and the body burn more calories. Morning Yoga also helps stabilize the metabolism in the morning and this process is not impeded for any reason throughout the day.

So if your job is to sit the office all day, the more you should do yoga in the morning to "warm up" for the best functioning metabolism. This will not only help you fatigue but also reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body because it is not burned.

Helps you build healthy sleep habits
When you practice yoga, you will maintain the habit of waking up at the same time every day. From there, help you form the habit of going to bed early, you will sleep more and deeper sleep. When you get up early, you will be able to breathe fresh air well for your brain, circulate blood and boost your immune system; Make you more alert, energetic and energetic.

Meanwhile, the yoga movements affect the endocrine system to help balance the endocrine glands. When hormone regulation becomes balanced, you also control the emotional state better to be cheerful, optimistic; disease prevention and health promotion.

Help you stay energized for a whole day
Outdoor yoga in the morning will provide oxygen, increasing blood circulation. Then balance the breathing, boosting blood to the heart, raising the internal organs in the body, keeping the body healthy and full of energy. In addition, the brain is supplied with plenty of oxygen to keep the spirit excited, cheerful, cheerful, alert and focused. Starting a new day with yoga exercises will help your body stay healthy, full of energy, spirit is always comfortable, excited.

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