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Saturday - 09/12/2017 09:34
Yoga exercises are designed according to the body movements to increase the strength and endurance of the practitioner.
So, regular Yoga really helps you know what your body lacks, what to add to get better results. So how do you know that? Let's take a look at three ways to connect yoga to your daily life through the following article.
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First: breathe properly (the most important thing)
An extremely important part of yoga exercises is breathing in the Pranayama style. It encourages you to focus on each of your breathing and exhaling. For now, we all breathe instinctively and inert and it is not the right way to breathe.

You may initially breathe correctly while practicing yoga, but the later the breathing habits will be applied naturally by your body even when not practicing, in your daily life. Proper breathing helps to reduce stress effectively, making the mood a lot better. For people with respiratory illness such as asthma, breathing properly will help to wind the trachea and lungs and help the patient progress better.

Second: gradually improve posture and sitting
When practicing yoga in standing and sitting position, there are quite a lot of movements you have to adjust the spine straight as required. These are almost mandatory for beginners to form the first habit. Most of us sit and stand wrong in our daily lives.

So, when you start to sit straight, you may feel tired and back pain, some people will want to give up. So before you get used to yoga, it's important to adjust your daily routine like sitting and sitting. However once it has become a habit, your posture will always be correct even if you continue to practice yoga.

Finally: Build a healthy diet
- Do not fast for breakfast: When you fast without breakfast, you tend to eat more at lunch to provide energy to your body. In addition, people who eat breakfast will burn more calories than people who skip breakfast. So whether you eat less or more, you absolutely should not skip breakfast.

- Lunch should eat just right: Lunch you should not eat too full, eat only moderate and should eat green vegetables, fruits, limited eating starch, fat.

- Dinner should eat less: Dinner you should eat less and especially not eat foods that contain fat. After dinner you do not exercise much energy so fat can not lead to accumulation cause weight gain.

Yoga practice is not only physically healthy but also mentally healthy for everyone. Therefore, the preparation of the body and spirit before entering the familiar with Yoga is essential for the trainer to achieve high results.

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