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Monday - 08/01/2018 14:26
Yoga is love from the breath. Breathe in, evenly, slowly, you will get the balance. Yoga is not more about losing, slowly learning, you will feel, every day you will be satisfied with the threshold reached. From the respect of the breath, you will cherish your soul, love yourself and then life will be gentle, serene.
can bang cuoc song vơi yoga

We do not always have the love of the people around us. So, in this life, the most important thing is that each of us must love ourselves - before receiving love from others. When you study yoga, you will begin to treat yourself well, you will surely be surprised to discover that your life is wonderful. Yoga makes you ignore all the complexities of overweight, make you confidently sing with your friends the songs you love, make you care about people and love yourself more.

Yoga by patience, every day to try to better, I balance myself, there are many good health habits from yoga that we do not expect. Positive thoughts, positive actions always bring positive results. Always be proud of yourself, and do not forget to say your love for Yoga every day.

We often wait for the other person to give us love, but why do not you love yourself, for yourself the attention, the desire that you want to get from others? You can totally give yourself warm hugs, give yourself priceless spiritual gift ... Do not just wait for the other person to give you love, create that love and direct the feelings towards it. friend.

Love yourself and do not forget to love the people around you, so that our lives will become happy and sweet. Do not wait for the love of others and also stop holding on to your own feelings. Give it to the people around you, because it is a precious gift that anyone would like to receive.

You are the person you are - the person you want to become, the person you need to be the one who knows you best, who you know how to care for and love you. Love and care for yourself. Listen to and understand who you are because only you are your best friend. If you do not become your best friend, you will never be able to get the insights and empathy of those around you.

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