Gentle Yoga posture before leaving the bed

Thursday - 28/12/2017 08:09
On the morning of waking, we can practice Yoga on our beloved bed without having to go anywhere ... So, let's spend a few minutes every day doing 5 exercises. The following Yoga. Sure, you will help the body relax completely and get a new day filled with energy.
yoga luc ngu day

Posture of the spine
Effect: Spinal stenosis is an ideal posture to help the body warm up. It improves circulation of blood, ensuring that your body is ready for other postures during the morning exercises as you wake up.

- Posture: You sit upright, your legs open in front.

- To start the movement, you bend your left knee and put your right foot towards the bottom of your left foot so that your right foot touches the floor and your foot touches the left butt.

- Then, you put your right hand to the left side of the left knee so your forearm is on the calf. Your right hand holds the ankle or left femur.

Finally, you rotate the left torso with the head, shoulders, neck, and you lift the chin up to the left shoulder and look back.

One-legged pigeon's position
Effect: Reduces stress, anxiety, anger, irritability and stress control when starting to get excited.

- To practice this yoga position, start from the lotus position.

Then, you put your right hand on the side, keeping your right leg horizontal in front, left leg stretching straight back.

- Try to lower your hips to the floor, your chest and body forward straight.

Post bending posture
Effects: This posture improves respiratory function. Deep breathing also helps the body to release carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other toxins.

- To start moving, you sit on the bed.

- Bend back, with hands down the carpet, palms touching the carpet.

- After 5 breaths, return to the original position.

The standing post bends forward
Effect: In this position, your abdomen is completely compressed when bending forward, which burns fat in the abdomen.

- The legs stand together, slowly bend over, place your hands under the feet, point the palms up opposite the soles of the feet, the heels touching.

- Keep your legs straight. Take a deep breath, as you breathe out, bending forward in such a way until your body is parallel to the floor.

Keep your breath steady and keep your body in this position for 60-90 seconds. Then, gradually raise the body back to natural posture.

The position of the head rests forward
Effect: This is one of the basic Yoga postures that help soothe the heart vessels of your temples. At the same time, bending, bending forward also helps stretch, relax the muscles in the thigh as well.

- Sit on the floor, straighten your spine, and stretch your legs out to the front. Point your toes straight up to the ceiling.

- Inhale deeply, put your hands forward, bent head touch the palms. Extend your spine to the maximum.

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