Giảm stress với Hot Yoga

Saturday - 30/12/2017 08:30
Hot Yoga is a type of Yoga by one of the famous yoga masters in the United States, Bikram Choudhury built. These are the exercises that you need to combine with the environment at high temperatures, about 40 degrees Celsius.
In addition to improving health, providing endurance, maintaining freshness, Hot Yoga main This is one of the options that we recommend for you if you are looking to reduce stress, release endorphins through stretching.
hot yoga

Exercise 1. Escaping - Hugging the knees
Helps relax muscles, reduce stress, fatigue, maintain good health.

With this action, you lie on your back, breathe inwardly while your left leg is close to your chest so that your thighs are close to your abdomen, your right leg is stretched straight, your arms are hugging your left leg.

- Raise your head to touch the nose. Then you stop, hold your breath then exhale and return to its original position.

- Perform the same repetition with the right foot.

Exercise 2. Snake cobra
This action works to alleviate headaches, insomnia.

- You lie on the stomach on the floor, the forehead touches the ground, the hand folds to the elbow near the chest.

- Use your hands, note to push people up with your back, not by hand. Keep this position for about 7 breaths then slowly lower back to the original position.

Exercise 3. The Bow
Effect: This simple yoga posture is a wonderful remedy to help you relax, reduce stress effectively.

- You lie on the stomach floor, curved legs so that your hands can grab the elbow.

- Eyes looking ahead, chin up. Raise the chest and knees so that the entire body is curved, just to touch the floor.

Keep your knees in line with your hips. Then release the person slowly.

Exercise 4. Dancers
Helps relieve stress on the body including shoulders, chest and abdomen and strengthen muscles.

- First you breathe, raise your hand. Keep your right leg straight and while holding your left leg back and holding your left foot with your left hand. Pull the knees close together and the knuckles pull in.

Then you exhale, squeeze the left foot in your hand and lift your thigh high. Pull the left leg further from the hips, so that the upper body is parallel to the floor. Slowly exhale at the same time as returning to the posture.

- Change legs and repeat movements.

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