Healthy children through Yoga

Tuesday - 25/07/2017 14:58
After a lot of work, we probably have a quiet place to retreat. This may seem simple but difficult for many people living in cities because of the narrow and noisy living space.

In order to find balance in the soul, many people have come to Yoga and they have seen the benefits that this method brings. One particular thing is that up to 90% of yoga practitioners are weak, I feel ... strong after yoga because they are confident because I'm healthy, even young.

Through the practice of yoga, energy is accumulated, the twisting motion of the exercise puts pressure on the endocrine glands, thereby producing hormones. This amount of hormone will be regulated, help the body improve resistance. Exercises also stimulate blood circulation, soft joints, stretch the ligaments, improve digestion ...

Yoga is to be healthy and relaxed mind, due to exercise, resistance of the body to improve, eat well, sleep, forget the worries ... Moreover, the practitioner is advised to eat properly. In addition to improving health will avoid and limit the progression of many diseases.

There are hundreds of yoga exercises, a mandatory exercise that has five steps: meditation, startup, training, massage and finally relaxation. When practicing yoga, due to the high concentration of movement and breathing, people are free from anxiety and sadness in their hearts, making them more relaxed and calm in their lives. The methods of Yoga also cure insomnia, stress, asthma, headache, reduce the excess fat stored in the abdomen and thighs, help the body more compact, slimmer.

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