Help busy moms reduce stress with three yoga exercises

Friday - 29/12/2017 08:42
For busy mothers, practicing yoga is considered a method of increasing flexibility, reducing stress. In the long run, yoga all the stress, anxiety, bring you a happy spirit, comfortable with a stiffer and much more physique. Let's explore 3 yoga exercises that are very helpful in reducing stress.
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Straight upright can help you reduce stress
This simple yoga post helps to eliminate fat and reduce stress.

- You begin this posture with your right foot over the left leg to reach the ankle on your left calf.

- Next, the right and left hands together, keep the spine straight.

- Hold your position about 5-8 breaths, then move your feet and continue.

Relaxation posture is also an effective stress relief
This simple yoga posture is very effective in treating insomnia and reducing stress.

- In the prepared position, you sit comfortably or put feet on the other thigh. Straight back, the hands open to the knees, thumb and forefinger clicked on each other.

- Next, you close your eyes, concentrate, slowly inhale. Squeeze in the abdomen for 2-3 seconds and slowly exhale. After a second, slowly breathe in the second, third ... until 10, 20 or 30 times.

The bow posture is one of the stress relieving postures for busy mothers
In addition to the cure constipation and shortness of breath. Bow posture also helps relieve back pain, stress and discomfort due to the "red light" to help you have a comfortable spirit.

You lie face down on the floor with your hands on two legs, head high to stretch your body, especially the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, neck and buttocks.

Try to keep your breathing steady for 15 to 20 seconds before relaxing.

Note: Do not perform this action if you have neck pain, back, high blood pressure or have had abdominal surgery.

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