How to keep your back safe when changing yoga moves

Wednesday - 03/01/2018 13:35
In yoga, when doing a series of falls back to work to help the spine flexibly and promote the circulation of gas from the legs to the upper. However, this is also the easiest way to make the trainee's injuries. So how to protect your back safely from injury? Please refer to the following article.
Why the back is the most vulnerable?
The lumbar spine extends from L1 to L5 vertebrae. This is an important spine, which is responsible for the whole body and motor function. The lumbar vertebrae is weaker than the other regions, since it is not associated with other bones, but rather the vertebrae connected to each other. So we do not put too much pressure on this area and should control stretching in this area at the limit that the body can tolerate.
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In yoga, back postures help to keep the spine flexible and promote the circulation of the breath from the upper leg. However, this is also the easiest way to make the trainee's injuries. Instead of expanding the chest cavity to support the lower back, bend the back to the front (to do this, it usually takes time for the soft and flexible spine) and slowly fall back more, many Trying to push the hips forward, the back is almost straight, and then falls back strongly and roughly. This causes the area of ​​the nervous system to be quickly pinched and inflamed.

Some notes when we practice yoga to avoid lumbar pain
Start muscular relaxation, open the shoulder joint and start the spine thoroughly. Do not rush to perform post-postures without starting the muscles, opening and softening the shoulder joint, not starting the spinal cord easily hurt the nerve. The stretching and stretching stretched legs, shoulder rotation, cat posture ... help to warm up muscles, stretch tendons, flexible shoulder joints, from which to be better and safer. Posture cat help launch, soften the spine.

Turn your back forward after falling behind
In yoga, the balance is placed first. The back posture should be backed by the forward posture so that your spine is balanced. For example, if you do camel posture, then return your back as a rabbit. The posture The posture The rabbit

Extend your chest and shoulders when performing posture postures
When you do post-heel posture, to support your weight, do not put your back on your waist, try to stretch your chest and shoulders.

Focus on the breath
In Yoga, all the practitioners need to focus on the breath. So, when practicing posture, you should focus on the breath, take a deep breath, do not hold your breath when holding to avoid dizziness.

Understand and listen to your body
This is the most important thing in the practice. When doing any posture, feel your body, see which area is affected, whether your body is in pain or is strained, this is the maximum acceptable body. Do not overdo it. Do not evaluate your abilities by falling behind more or less. Yoga is not a physical exercise, Yoga is a way to make you healthier. Listen to the body, understand the body so that you can adjust the position that best suits you.

It is best to have a seasoned coach to help you with this problem.

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