Increase height with 4 simple yoga exercises for women

Friday - 12/01/2018 07:08
Yoga is one of the sports that stimulates the body to increase height effectively. Whether you are a "Yoga fan" or begin to take part in a few sessions, several months you will realize the benefits for your health.
As long as yoga is practiced, you feel healthy and have an incredible effect on height. Here are 4 exercises yoga girl should practice to stimulate body growth height better.
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Posture of the mountain (Talasana)
Talasana is a simple stretching of the muscles of the skeletal muscles that is extremely easy to work with and is highly effective. This helps you strengthen the strength and strength of the spine and arm.

You start with your legs straight and your palms on the thighs.

Slowly put your hands on the top of your head, take a deep breath and stretch your back as far as possible.

- Uplift, stand by the heel, slowly exhale and return to the original posture.

Posture of the tree (Vrksasana)
The tree posture is good for strengthening muscle strength, effectively stretching the joints.

- Starting with the upright position, you put your hands up, palms facing each other on the top.

Then, you raise your right leg upward, touching the left thigh, breathing in the head and holding it for 5 seconds, swing it with the left leg.

Wheel posture (Chakrasana)
Chakrasana exercises help you to increase the flexibility of the spine, enhance the elasticity and endurance of the body.

With the body standing on the floor, you gently lift up, bend yourself, put your hands up in front of people, bend your elbows and fingers.

- You stretch the body, inhale for 3 seconds, raise the body, slowly lower and repeat several times.

Folded forward position (Hastapadasana)
Hastapadasana is an exercise that helps stretch the joints of the legs, stretching the lower body, helping to increase height better during puberty.

- First, you stand up straight, your hands parallel to the lower body slowly raise your hand.

- Breathe in, extend your arms on the top of your head, exhale and bend forward.

- bend down to touch your toes, put this position for 15 seconds and then repeat several times.

We hope that with these 4 yoga exercises will help you improve your height. In addition, you should combine reasonable diet to enhance the development of the joints, especially girls in puberty. In addition, you need to build your own scientific life with a reasonable schedule between learning, living and rest to the body to increase the best height.

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