Notes to avoid yoga injury?

Saturday - 06/01/2018 08:40
Regular Yoga practice is a way to help keep your health healthy, repel illness and bring happiness. However, if done incorrectly or with too much time, prolonged ... can cause disadvantages for your body with some common injuries such as pain, dislocations, bumps The tendon is from mild to severe. So, to avoid any unfortunate injury, please note the following:
tu the yoga kho

Do not try too hard
In some other sports or sports, you can always shout the slogan over yourself, not accepting defeat, but this is not quite true in Yoga. You have to know that you are only going to do it, if you exert too much will cause your muscles to stretch and lead to the risk of injury.

Yoga requires you to listen to your body. If you have seen signs of pain then the best way is to stop. Understand that, Yoga gives you the opportunity to recognize and listen to delicate signals from the body to have the appropriate response. And you give your body time to get used to and complete each move rather than strenuous efforts beyond your ability to make the body hurt.

Do not try too difficult positions
Do not bend the movements of the "super high" Yoga on the web, the magazine urged you also want to do so then quickly practice and ignore the basic posture! Remember, all yoga postures must be in order to build the foundation to ensure that the practitioner has the strength, balance and flexibility needed to advance to the higher levels.

When you rush into an advanced position, it is very difficult to stay in position because your muscles do not have the strength or flexibility to perform the movements that will lead to high risk of injury. injured. So, be patient from the beginning.

Never ignore boot animation
Whether it's yoga or any other exercise, getting started first is very important. It works to "activate" the internal organs of the body, especially the heart, so that they work more actively by increasing blood flow and circulation in the body.

Although yoga is a gentle gesture, it is very important to get started. If you do not start in the first place, the sudden movements of the movements will be very harmful to the body as it causes a sudden increase in blood flow in the body, the body in the body is susceptible to shock, tendon, cord. Vulnerable to muscles that are not warmed up. If exercised a little before exercise, blood flow to the muscles increases and the joints are lubricated to help the body flexibly, It's easy to do complex yoga postures.

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