Relieve bronchial asthma with the following yoga moves

Tuesday - 20/02/2018 07:56
Bronchial asthma (bronchial asthma) is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the lungs. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic. It can not be cured but its symptoms can be controlled. Many scientific studies show that yoga, although not a substitute for cure for bronchial asthma, can help patients manage stress, preventing recurrent asthma attacks. change weather or meet difficult situations.
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1. Why can yoga practice repel bronchial asthma?
Proper yoga practice includes: regular breathing, slow, quick breathing - shallow - deep breathing - deep breathing - slow - enough oxygen. These exercises will help regulate breathing, provide oxygen, maintain a stable breathing rate, bronchodilate and improve lung function.

For the practice of yoga to treat asthma effectively, patients should be combined with diet, sleep properly. Meals should be high in fresh fruits, cereals, avoid hot spicy foods, allergic reactions to asthma attacks. In addition, you should get enough sleep (6 - 8 hours per day) and avoid the pressure of fatigue, stress, suffocation ...

2. The yoga practice helps to reverse bronchial asthma

Breathing exercise - breathing:
First you lie on your back, straight up, head up, hands on the floor, arms close, feet straightening both feet close together.

- Inhale the nose gradually, gradually belly. Holding the breath, holding the stomach,

- Finally, transfer the breath to your hands, feet and other parts gently, slowly. You can count the numbers: 4- 12- 8, or 4- 16-12.

Meditation and breathing are common:
This simple posture is known to help the person focus on breathing and deep breathing, thereby purifying the respiratory tract.

- In preparation. You sit with your legs crossed, keep your chest and back straight and place your right hand on your chest.
- Then place your left hand on the abdomen.
Take a deep breath for a few seconds and breathe out slowly.
Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes each day.

Fish Position:
This amazing yoga posture is known to help relieve asthma, as it opens the chest cavity and promotes better breathing.

- Step 1: Sit down, cross your legs.
- Step 2: You lie on a rug and continue to keep cross legged with your chin up to the ceiling.
- Step 3: Place your palms under your buttocks. Then, lift your chest and waist up. Your spine must be in an arched shape while holding this position.
- Step 4: Hold the position for a few seconds, gently lower your spine to the ground.

Preventing and treating bronchial asthma by practicing yoga combines a healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the methods most people believe and practice today. However, to persevere, daily patience of you really achieve high results and avoid the "money loss" bring you should choose a place to send your health.


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