Relieve pain, shoulder fatigue with yoga

Saturday - 02/12/2017 07:34
The cause of neck pain is usually standing or sitting too long, the disease is common in office workers. But a new study shows that neck pain is also caused by muscle tension in the front of the body. Specifically, it is the muscle of the chest, a small but important muscle group. This elasticity of the muscle groups is responsible for the pain in the neck.
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If the massage does not make you feel comfortable and relieves the pain, then the following 5 postures will help you. Note to warm up with a few sunsheets when doing the following:

Melting Heart Pose
This action affects the muscles of the lower back, muscle groups are less active. When doing this exercise you should keep your buttocks high and arms extended over your shoulders.

Croup against the sky, the upper body lowered, the chest touched the floor, hands stretched straight on the head, pressed against the floor.
Putting people back in position.
Balance the body, then knee to knees close to the ground.
Take the person back to the original position, repeat 10 -12 times.

Eagle Pose
This posture has a direct impact on the shoulders, hips and back.

Stand straight, keeping the distance between the feet wide by the width of the hips.
Hold your right foot on the floor, lift your left leg, cross your right thigh and tuck your left foot behind your right calf.
Put your hands up and cross your hands together - the right hand cross to the left hand to touch the palm.
Bend your elbows and raise them up to your shoulders with your shoulders lower than your ears.
Hold your hands in front of you.
Hold upright, or fold your waist forward so that the upper body is parallel to the floor.
5 deep breaths.
Exhale, and slowly remove your arms and legs.
Switch to the other leg and repeat this posture.

Rabbit Pose (Rabbit Posture)
This posture enlarges the chest and uterus while carrying oxygen to the brain.

Slowly inhale while touching the floor, lifting the buttocks up.
Sitting knees hit the floor, butt sitting on the heel.
Next place both hands behind the back of the heel.
Hold this position for 5 breaths.
Relax for a moment and repeat the movement.

Bow Pose (Bow Wing Position)
This posture enlarges the chest, shoulders, neck, increasing the flexibility of the back, the strength of the arms and legs.

Breathe in and lift your heels to the ceiling. The head, chest and upper body should also be lifted off the floor.
Exhale and bend your knees, stretching your heels as close to the back as possible, knees a distance from the ground.
Lay on the stomach, two hands to comfort the two sides.
Hands on the ankles outside.
Hold this position for 30 seconds and gently return to its original position.

Fish Pose (Fish Posture)
This stretches and stimulates the muscles of the abdomen and the front of the neck. Strengthen the back and upper back muscles of the neck.

Lie on the carpet, hands down.
Take deep breaths and raise your head against the top of the carpet (keep breathing free).
Practicing Yoga 5 on a regular basis will help you to overcome the pain in the neck.

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