Skin is not flawless with Yoga

Monday - 05/02/2018 07:40
When clogged pores cause skin problems such as acne, indigestion, rash, rash, wrinkles ... make you extremely uncomfortable. So how can Yoga help you get rid of these troubles?

Toxins, hormone disorders, free radicals, sun sensitivity are common causes of skin problems. The solution to these problems is to help improve blood circulation, balance hormone levels, limit free radicals, reduce stress and improve your immune system. Simple yoga moves can provide everything your skin needs and more.
tu the dau sat goi

1. Stand up and stand up
Helps promote blood circulation in the face, armpit and head. Simultaneously, the facial muscles relax and balance the hormones, thereby improving the skin.

How to do it: Stand straight, hand against hips. Take a deep breath and try to stretch the spine, exhale and bend forward. Every time you exhale, you bend down deeper, until you reach your limit (try to get your chin to touch your knees). Grabbing your ankles or simply laying down the carpet. Hold for a few seconds and return to the original posture.

2. Expanded triangular posture
Helps to pump more blood on your face. Removes toxins, free radicals and relieves congestion. All facial tension will be freed. Your skin will be healthier and radiant.

How to do it: spread 2 feet, left foot rotate 45 degrees, feet should be tied 90 degrees so that the right heel is aligned with the middle of the left foot. Breathe in, simultaneously raise your hands to the level of your shoulders, palms up. Relaxed hands and shoulders. Push the thighs to the left and stretch the upper body to the right. Exhale at the same time put your right hand on the floor or on the right leg, raise the left hand to the ceiling. Hold the posture back to its original position. Repeat for the left.

3. Cobra posture
When your body is stretched, your heart will be enlarged, your breathing will be better. As you inhale more oxygen, a better circulation is created. It will help eliminate toxins and free radicals that exist in your body. This position also helps to balance the hormone. Most skin problems can be resolved by this action.

How to do it: Lie on the carpet, relax your body. With two hands, place the palm of your hand across your chest and close the body so that your forearm is upright perpendicular to the carpet. 2 feet straight up behind. Take a deep breath, exhale and push backwards. At the limit, hold for 1 minute and return to the original position.

4. Posture knee position
Balance hormone and eliminate toxins. Simultaneously increase blood and oxygen flow to the facial muscles. Your skin will be fresh and youthful.

How to do: left leg stretch right leg, keep your back straight. Breathe deeply while exhaling whole body forward, slowly squeezing the person down to the feet after each exhalation. When it reaches the limit, free breathing. Do the same with the other party.

5. Stand up on the wall
Regular exercise removes free radicals and provides more oxygen to the face. Hazardous substances are pushed out and skin is protected from all problems and threats.

How to do it: lie on the back of the carpet, have two feet close to the body. Take a deep breath, exhale, and straighten your legs on the wall. Keep your hands firmly in your buttocks, trying to keep your butt against the wall. Hold for 1 minute and return to the original position.

6. Posture slightly
Helps regulate digestive system. Removal of toxins in the body by facilitating digestion and improving the transport of substances. This eliminates acne. If you do this exercise regularly, you will own a skin that everyone wants to live dead for.

How to do it: lie back on the carpet, straighten your legs apart. Inhale to combine two legs up and folded knees. Hands clasping both legs and pressing on the abdomen. Try to touch your knees, if you find it difficult to lift your head a little. Hold for about 20 seconds then return to the original position.

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