The benefits of breathing properly in Yoga

Monday - 12/02/2018 07:51
Yoga uses breathing to wake up energy, help us to breathe properly and understand how to control our own breathing. Researchers have documented the benefits of breathing properly while practicing yoga moves that will provide many miraculous benefits.
ngoi thien dung cach

One of the health benefits of deep breath is detoxification in the body. A deep breath helps release toxins from the body, whereas if you breathe in shallow water, other organs must work overtime to release toxins.

Reduce stress
Did you have a stressful working day? Is there a problem that makes you angry? Deep breathing helps relieve stress and relax muscles. Try breathing deeply while working.

Body massage inside
We usually pay for a massage outside the body without realizing that the internal organs also need to be pampered. When deep breathing, you can easily massage the body inside the body.

Enhanced blood production
A deep breath can increase oxygen supply to your body, increase hemoglobin in the blood. Increasing blood production will help in the normal functioning of the body.

Resist breathing problems
Deep breathing helps to protect the body against respiratory problems. Deep breathing causes the lungs to expand and enhance the lungs. Thus, the lungs become healthy and immune to disease.

Weight control
There are many ways to manage your diet and exercise to help slim body. Did you know that deep breathing also helps in weight control extremely well. As you practice yoga, the oxygen in your breathing increases, resulting in faster metabolism, leading to faster digestion of fat.

Strengthens the nervous system
Deep breathing is also beneficial for the nervous system. More oxygen will nourish and strengthen the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that spread throughout the body.

Helps strengthen the heart
Deep breathing helps to make your heart healthier. First, deep breathing helps the lungs to function more efficiently, which means more oxygen in the blood is delivered to the lungs. Therefore, the heart will not have to work too hard to supply enough oxygen to the tissues. Second, deep breathing will help blood flow better, so your heart can rest a little.

Better concentration
Life is often stressful and we are always looking for ways to relax our minds. Deep breathing makes you feel relaxed and easy to focus on the next job.

Increase endurance
Deep breathing also increases the rate of metabolism. This means that our body will be able to absorb more nutrients, thereby producing more energy and increasing your endurance in all activities.

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