Treat arthritis with yoga

Thursday - 19/10/2017 08:39
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yoga chua dau khop

Exercise 1
This is a perfect yoga exercise for arthritis, which works to relieve pain in the neck neck, strengthen the bones of the legs, knees, ankles and chest. In addition, regular exercise can help relieve stress, promote better metabolism in the body, and treat and prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of arthritis.

- Start this yoga exercise with the upright posture. The left leg is slowly expanding, the tip of the foot placed perpendicular to the other leg.
- Bend back to the left, two hands straight, left hand touch the left foot, eye to the right. Perform the same action with the other party.

Exercise 2
Yoga is good for thighs, hips and arms. An effective remedy for arthritis, which helps increase blood flow around the joints (knees, ankles and elbows)

- Sit comfortably on the exercise mat. Extend your legs, keep your back straight.
- Bend your left knee and place your foot on your right thigh. At this point, all the gravity you will put in the right foot. Two hands clasped in front of the chest.

Exercise 3
This action focuses on the abdomen and arms, helping you quickly painful joints shoulder and wrist.

Sitting on the carpet, her legs crossed, her back straight. Put your right hand up on your back, your hands in two directions down the back, trying to hold your hands together, try to keep your back straight. Eyes looking straight ahead and relax.

Exercise 4

This yoga exercise strengthens the muscles in the ankles, toes, elbows, hands and fingers, especially those who are suffering from knee problems. It increases blood circulation around the joints, relieves pain, helps you to become strong, it also affects the muscles of the thighs and arms and helps to concentrate the mind and relax.

- Two hands straight through the head and interlocked. Gradually raise one leg, place the foot on the thigh of the other leg, all body gravity on one leg, eyes straight.

Try to balance in 5 breaths and change your legs.

Exercise 5
The yoga exercises work and strengthen the toughness of the spine and hip joint, the joints of the neck area, the arms and palms. In addition, this posture also helps you control your blood pressure well, relax the mind, reduce the symptoms of menopause in women reduce the respiratory problems.

Lie on the floor, arms close together, hands palms to the ground, folded legs, feet to touch the ground. - Keep your arms and legs straight, lift your buttocks up

Lower your buttocks and straighten your legs and lift them up, push to the head and lift your buttocks. Return to step 1 (complete one episode). Made 5 times to get the best effect.

Exercise 6
This is also called corpse, it helps the body to heal, heal and restore the body. Slow breathing and methods allow your mind to calm down, lowering blood pressure and painful body symptoms. It is also a great way to get a good night's sleep and sleep.

This move is very simple you just lay back to the floor, two hands back. Close your eyes and combine with regular breathing. Try to concentrate when your body is in a resting state.

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