Unbelievable benefits of yoga for children

Friday - 21/07/2017 14:49
Yoga has many benefits from physical, mental, emotional. So it is no surprise that more and more schools teach yoga to children.
Unbelievable benefits of yoga for children
yoga tre em

And here are five great benefits of yoga for your baby's learning.

1. Progressive learning outcomes

- When yoga, children will learn how to focus great. And this skill has helped her a lot when studying in class.

On the other hand, when practicing yoga, children must learn to discipline themselves for self-control such as controlling their emotions, thinking to calm themselves in all cases ... These things work well before the baby. take a test.

2. Controlling sitting activities

- Except for a break or exercise, most are sitting in class or at home, learning to study. Therefore, sitting in a chair is a way to keep energy stable. Should do a yoga session within 5 minutes, or a yoga session will help her to exercise, breathing, balance balance.

- Yoga is a non-competitive, cost-effective activity that promotes endurance health and can control cardiovascular disease.

3. Yoga teaches children to be in harmony with themselves and their friends

- Yoga exercises have a lot of activities to help your child learn the skills of teamwork, play with you, especially with the movements need each other's support.

- Through these exercises, the baby becomes more in love with himself and loves his surroundings. Yoga learners learn how to listen to the body and how to adjust their bodies in a healthy way.

4. Reduce child stress

- Children often have a busy schedule and meet a lot of requests from their parents who sometimes do not have time to adapt to the schedule.

- Yoga teaches children to calm themselves and to feel safe no matter how the outside environment is, or even when the sisters in the house are arguing with each other. Yoga helps children develop inner strength.

5. Encourage healthy choices

- Instead of teaching your baby good health theories, baby after yoga will make a decision for himself. For example ask questions like "How do you feel if you only eat cake?", "How do you feel when eating a cake after eating vegetables?"

If you give your baby the freedom to make choices and make decisions for yourself, inner strength will help her make the right choices. And yoga also helps to make the courage to make decisions.

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