What you need to know about the Camel posture at the beginning

Wednesday - 24/01/2018 13:40
Camel posture, also known as Ustrasana, is one of the most beautiful postures in Yoga that help improve endurance and improve digestion. However, this position is quite difficult for beginners to practice yoga. In this article, we will guide you step by step basis as well as benefits and attention for this exercise offline.
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Benefits of camel posture
- Helps the spine to be supple, soft, especially in the lower back.
- Bring vitality to the internal organs such as liver, pancreas and kidneys.
- As a therapy to treat back pain, stomach and intestines.
For females, this exercise works very well for regulating menstruation.
- Helps increase the performance of the lungs and chest, while providing flexibility for the chest, abdomen and neck.
- Stimulate the abdominal organs, improve the digestive system.
- Improves the function of the respiratory system, bringing benefits to those who are suffering from asthma.
- Cure diseases related to neck, shoulder and back. At the same time helps the body stimulate thyroid.
- Strengthen muscular endurance.
- Management of back pain.
- Strengthen the blood flow to the brain.
- Helps you improve posture and helps consume abdominal fat for those who are in the process of losing weight.

How to do camel posture
- First, sit on your knees and heels on a yoga mat and breathe regularly.
- Then lean to the right, using the right hand or grasp the right foot. You do the same for your left hand, left leg, then back your head, exhale. If your body is flexible, you can use your hand against your waist and then lean back and lower your hands on the floor.
- Next, put your hands up, pile on the arms, and try to lean forward so that the thighs are perpendicular to the floor at a 90 degree angle. The other hand rests on the soles of your feet if you feel painful. Your hips and waist must thrust forward.
- At this time your head is still deep back, your shoulders should also drop completely and completely rotate the shoulder to the back to support the arm force.
- Your eyes should always look at the tip of your nose, do not try to lift your eyes and look back.
Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds, then lower your arms, lean over to the right and sit up, take the baby back, the forehead, nose to the floor, two hands to follow the body, drop The whole spirit to regain strength.

Some errors and fixes when done

- Two feet wide open.
- The front of the thigh is not pushed forward.
- The hand does not hold the leg.
- head is not backstroke.

- The legs are open with the shoulders.
- The upper surface of the thigh is fully pushed forward.
- Raise and extend the chest.
- Head is far back.

This is an advanced movement that holds 45-1 minutes (more advanced holds 1-3 minutes).

Notes and contraindications to the position of the Camel
- You should do this under the supervision of the instructor. If you are having problems with your back or neck, or have blood pressure issues, stop exercising.
- People who have sleeplessness or migraines should not exercise.
- For beginners, it will be difficult for you to reach for your feet. You can practice slowly and you can use the back set and just touch the tile.
Make sure you do this post after a meal for at least 4-5 hours.

Posture The camel is an extremely beneficial posture. It helps to circulate blood, improve the respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems of the body.

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