When practicing yoga, these bad habits should be removed

Sunday - 04/03/2018 10:25
Yoga helps the body to be healthy, supple, relaxed, improve health and improve quality of life. Everyone can practice yoga, but not everyone knows how to practice yoga properly. Learning the wrong way or starting to practice without understanding the principles of immortality in Yoga will make you easily encounter problems. Let us discover the rules.
tu the dau sat goi

Stop booting through speakers
For proper and effective yoga, you need to warm up before practicing. You should start around 45 minutes for the neck joint, shoulder joint, back ... to keep the muscles stretched, the nerves and energy begin to move so your body can adapt to the high intensity of exercise. You will be able to work out your posture more easily and avoid regretting injuries.

Stop breathing improperly
Breathing is an important part of yoga. No one can practice yoga in the proper way without breathing while practicing. To breathe in the nose and exhale through the nose or mouth, inhale the stomach up and exhale to squeeze the stomach; Breathe deep sighs to increase the amount of oxygen, reduce the amount of carbon in the blood, muscles to give you more energy to exercise more intense, reduce stress better.

Stop eating before eating
You should practice yoga when empty stomach, do not eat more before 4 hours or snack before 2 hours. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice yoga in the early morning or late at night when your stomach is empty for the best results. People with low blood pressure can drink milk or fruit juice before exercise for about 30 minutes to avoid dizziness when hungry. After yoga, after 10-15 minutes, should eat liquid food, after 30 minutes to eat solid food.

Stop practicing at inappropriate times
The best time to practice Yoga is early morning and late night. In the early morning, the mind is awake and the body is hard; In the evening, the body is more resilient after a day of activity and the mind begins to get tired. If you practice yoga in the morning, then practice breathing first and then practice asana; In the evening, practice asanas before practicing breathing.

Stop practicing yoga in the unsupported inertia
Doing yoga alone without the basics of yoga is dangerous for your body, you can do the wrong postures, resulting in injury, dislocations, broken bones ... So instead of staying Self-study yoga, go to the Yoga Center to be able to practice properly. Once you have mastered the exercises and steps, you can stay home from practice.

Stop training yourself
Practicing yoga consists of five steps: meditation - starting - asana - massage - relaxation and the practitioner should follow these steps to practice yoga properly. Training is slow, careful and accurate in every move for effective training. After the practice, you see the mind calm, that gentle body is to practice yoga properly. In particular, you should note that yoga is not a movement or a temporary favorite, the practitioner needs persistence, patience and when selected, must resolve to accomplish the end.

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