Yoga exercises help to gain weight

Saturday - 29/07/2017 15:10
When it comes to weight loss, people often associate it with yoga, but in addition to helping lose weight effectively, yoga helps slim people to gain weight regularly and scientifically.
yoga tang can
yoga tang can
yoga tang can

Lack of weight can lead to many complications such as heart disease, vascular disease and increased risk of osteoporosis ... Experts also said that one of the main causes of weight loss is mental anorexia. Yoga is the best way to gain weight because it helps to deal with basic problems like stress, poor metabolism, inadequate digestion, blood circulation and poor appetite.

Yoga exercises support weight gain

- Breathing exercise: Breathing exercises are important because it relieves stress, helps to relax and builds good sleep.
- Exercise Sit: This exercise helps to increase muscle strength and stimulate your body to grow.
- Raise the legs: strengthen the hips and abdominal muscles.
- Butt Lift: This weight lifting exercise increases your muscle mass and strength.
- Sashangasana: Helps to balance metabolic system and hormones as well as improve digestion.
- Matsyasana (fish posture): The best way to gain weight is because this yoga posture affects almost all parts of the body and helps with overall growth.
Ardha kurmasana (baby posture): Our bodies can be rejuvenated by performing this asana regularly and every organ of the body is stretched to its maximum.
- Suryaved pranayam: People who are underweight can benefit greatly from this pranayam as it strengthens both physically and mentally.
- Sabasana: relaxing posture to calm the mind.

Weight gain is really hard to lose weight, so when done it requires persistence and effort at your disposal, so you can find the ideal weight in the shortest possible time.

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