Yoga exercises to treat sinusitis effectively

Tuesday - 19/09/2017 07:25
Do not let sinusitis cause uncomfortable symptoms that affect your health and productivity. We will guide you 5 yoga exercises to treat sinusitis most basic, it will help you support and treat sinusitis extremely effective it!


Exercise 1
- Sit straight back, right hand placed comfortably on the thigh of the same side, while the left hand folded fingers, only to the middle finger straight.
- The right thumb on the right side, the left index finger on the left. Hold your breath for 4 counts.
Then release your index finger and breathe in your left ear for four counts. Do the opposite of the right nose.
Effect: This exercise focuses on the breathing, so when practicing yoga follow this movement you immediately feel the comfort when the nasal cavity is completely airy.

Exercise 2
- Stand straight, feet close together.
- Inhale and bend forward, two arms behind back heel and ankle, trying to squeeze chest and foot input.
- Breathe regularly and keep the position for 2-3 minutes
Effect: All blood and air are concentrated towards the head, which has a direct effect on the nasal cavity, helping to improve blood flow better.

Exercise 3
- Lie on the floor, two hands placed along the body.
- Use two hands slowly lift the hips, your feet up from the chest and head until the toes hit the floor, feet straight.
Hold this position for 3-4 minutes with slow breathing.
Note: Try to air the air out the nose as much as possible, with this yoga exercise it will assist your breathing better, preventing sinus congestion by the mucus in the nose. .

Exercise 4
On the back, two soles of the feet are parallel to the ground and spread out with the shoulders.
Slowly raise your hips and buttocks, with your palms facing the ground
- Move the hand, try to touch the heel.
(If you need support, put a pillow under your back to help keep the posture).
Effect: This yoga exercise will help support blood circulation and help unlock the sinuses.

Exercise 5
- Sitting straight, legs pressed together.
- Inhale, slowly bend forward, so that the chest and face touch the legs. Two arms along the legs,
- Hold 1-3 minutes
Effect: This exercise is quite gentle but gentle, but when training will be extremely effective in supporting and treating sinusitis.
Just keep practicing yoga on a daily basis for 3-4 weeks, you will immediately feel the remission clearly: breathing will also become easier and headache, shortness of breath will gradually disappear. So what are you thinking that every day you do not spend 15 minutes to practice yoga exercises on.

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