Yoga posture is extremely good for middle-aged women

Thursday - 30/11/2017 09:04
Yoga moves have a great effect on the health of the body, especially the skin, which helps keep you active, prevent aging and young longer. Here are four Yoga postures that help stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin healthy, prevent wrinkles and age premature aging for middle-aged women.
yoga tu the con ca

Posture of the camel (Ustrasana)
Effect: This position is very useful for digestion and reproduction. It helps to relax the backbone, back muscles, shoulders and arms, strengthen the elasticity of the spine and improve blood flow to the brain, beautiful skin.
- Kneel with knees and hips wide apart, thighs perpendicular to the floor. Tilt your thigh slightly, hinge back. Keep the butt hurt.
Place your hands on your back and pelvis, with your fingers pointing to the ground. Push the hand from the pelvis to the bones. Push the bones forward, the thighs push back. Breathe in, raise your chest high by pressing the shoulder to lower than the ribs.
- Keep the position of the stump and shoulders, head straight, chin close to the chest, hands placed on the pelvis. Touch your feet while keeping your thighs upright with the floor. Slightly sloping thigh slightly against the perpendicular, lightly touching one hand on the leg. Then push the thigh back to its vertical position, turning the waist back to its original position. Do the same to touch the other hand to the leg on the side.
- Loosen the ribs first, lifting the pelvis towards the ribs. Then raise the ribs from the pelvis. Keep your backbone as long as possible. The palm of his hand holds his heel. Tilt your arm lightly, reaching up to your chest.
- Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute. When resting, lay your hands across your hips. Breathe in and lift your head and waist by putting your hands on your hips.

Fish posture (Matsyasana)
Effect: Helps to tighten the skin, remove excess fat in the place like abdomen, hips, thighs in the body.
Lie on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor. Breathe, raise the pelvis slightly off the floor. Slide your hands on the floor under your butt, with your palm down. Put your buttocks on the back of your hand (keep your buttocks out of your hand when doing this posture).
- Inhale and put body weight into arm, elbow, push chest forward, lift head and abdomen up from floor. Then, drop your head back to the old position.
- You can bend your knees or straighten your legs. Hold for 15-30 seconds, breathe lightly. With one out breath you lower your head and your waist to the floor. Stomach thighs, squeeze.

Pose (Halasana)
Effects: Stomach thyroid gland, detoxify the body, make the skin healthy, enhance the activity of the digestive organs.
Lie on your back, exhale and flex from the hips, slowly over your head, toes to the floor. Try to keep your abdomen perpendicular to the floor as much as possible and straighten your legs completely.
With the toes on the floor as support points, push the upper thigh and bones straight up to the ceiling. Continue to pull your chin away from your chest, relax your neck.
- Back to the ceiling (can use the back hand). Knuckles palms together, resting on the blanket while lifting the thighs to the ceiling.

Triangle posture (Trikonasana)
Effect: Effect on the muscles, improve the abdominal organs, increase the elasticity of the spine, make you feel lighter.
- Stand straight, with two legs straight out to form a 45 degree angle.
- Breathe in and out. Tilt the person to the left and at the same time raise the right hand to the left and touch the right ear. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
- Inhale, return to stand upright. Do the opposite to the right with your left arm curved right.

The above four exercises are very gentle but effective against the signs of aging, the body is full of vitality.

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