6 simple yoga exercises to help lose weight effectively

Wednesday - 22/11/2017 07:43
Yoga is one of the most effective subjects for losing weight. The exercises in yoga weight loss exercises positive impact on all muscles in the body to help you have beautiful physique and good health.

Here are six simple weight loss yoga exercises for you. Before you start, do a warm-up to warm up your body to avoid injury during the exercise.
yoga giam can

Action 1: Posture of the plow
You lie back on the training ground, straighten your legs. Hands placed parallel to the body, palm face.

First, you use the force of the abdominal muscles to raise your legs up high around your head until your toes reach the floor
If your legs do not reach the floor, you should put your arms down to support.
Hold this position for 5 seconds then slowly bring the subject back to its original posture.

Action 2: Stand on your shoulders
Preparatory Position:
You lie stretching on the rug, two hands placed parallel to the body, two palms face.

First, you force your palm to the floor and lift your legs toward the ceiling. Then, you put your legs over your head (like motion 1).
Follow with your lower back, slowly lift your legs upright, try as straight as possible.
Hold this position for 10 seconds then release and roll back to its original position.

Action 3: Face posture
Preparation: You sit on your heels, knees and feet apart with a shoulder.

You gently slide forward, arms stretched, fingers spread, knees knees.
Next you use the force in the abdominal muscles to pull the body into an inverted V and place your feet wide with your shoulders.
Hold this position for 5 seconds then slowly lower your knee, take a deep breath and relax.

Action 4: Clash
Preparation: You stand up straight, your arms parallel to your body, your legs spread wide with your hips.

First, you rotate the hips, then slowly lower the person to the front of the foot.
Relax the neck area, hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the original position.

Action 5: Dolphin stance
Preparation: You knelt, knit together and relax.

First, you force the arm to the floor and straighten your legs.
Raise the middle of the body while slowly lifting the person up by moving the foot forward, left leg and right leg until your body forms the bow.
Hold the posture for 5 seconds then relax and finish the movement.

Action 6: Fish posture
You lie on your back on the floor, your arms under your butt, your palms down. At the same time, straighten legs and hold two straight knees.

At the first step, keep your arms straight, the elbows hidden as much as possible.
Then, you puff up the chest off the floor, the chest is curved and breathing deeply.
You loose your neck and let loose the top of the head to the floor.
Hold for 10 seconds and return to the original position.

These exercises will help your body will be stretching muscles, freed excess fat stores. That helps you lose weight effectively, the body is solid yet flexible, soft.


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