A few tips to prolong the youth

Sunday - 16/07/2017 21:54
Exercise regularly, always confident in yourself and eat beans, sesame, lemon, garlic, banana regularly will help you maintain the spring.

Just a few small remarks in daily living and daily habits, you can prolong the spring age and have a full health.

Beans, sesame oil, lemon, garlic
Fewer and fewer Japanese women have breast cancer, their menopause is late, and they are less likely to experience unpleasant changes during premenopause. That's because their meals are rich in flavon (a plant-based chemical), which is rich in green beans, sesame oils, lemons, garlic ... These act as estrogens, which help to balance the amount of estrogen lost. Go in menopause, it also effectively prevent breast cancer.
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Deep breathing stimulates digestion
Breathing exercises do not provide enough oxygen for the body, leading to stress. In addition, it also affects digestion, causing the body to swell, causing constipation, heartburn. Breathing properly helps the abdominal muscles get good elasticity, which is beneficial for digestion. You can breathe deeply anywhere, anytime because of this very simple operation.
Deep breathing is beneficial for digestion, help you prolong the spring
Always pay attention to your waistline
Fatty tissue in the waist is healthier than fat in the buttocks and thighs. Increasing waist height means the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases ... For women, 78cm waist is not high risk, but if up to 85, 90cm will very dangerous. Why do not you burn off excess energy with gentle movements, like walking five times a week, every 30 minutes?

Oat foods prevent heart disease
Bad habits in life like smoking cigarettes, eating fatty foods increase cholesterol and block arteries. But if you eat oatmeal twice a week, it can reduce the risk of heart disease, because oats contain chemicals that help to circulate the arteries.

Exercise helps reduce stress
Spending 30 minutes of erotica, 3 times a week, will reduce stress significantly. Dancing, jogging or walking 5 times a week, each 30 minutes not only help you burn excess energy but also help you to reduce stress. People who are more stressed are more susceptible to communicable diseases, so stress-reduction exercises increase the body's resistance.

Bananas help prevent high blood pressure
High blood pressure can easily lead to heart disease and stroke. If you eat two bananas a day, the risk of cardiovascular disease will be limited. Bananas are very potassium-rich foods that stabilize blood flow in the body.

Confidence increases longevity
Scientists believe that confidence stimulates the immune system to function better, protecting people from illness. If work creates high pressure, you should spend more time with family and friends who will make you happier and more confident in life.
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