Basic yoga moves help to detoxify the body

Friday - 19/01/2018 07:17
Body exhaustion is a way to help you remove toxins accumulated over long periods of time in your body by resting, cleansing and nourishing your body with healthy nutrients. Detoxifying the body by the following four actions can help you avoid illness, maintain the best health.
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Angular one-sided posture
Effect: With lateral tilt, the internal organs sense light pressure from the outside, thereby stimulating the excretion process.

- Stand straight, knees bent close together, knees bent, and held in squat position. Bend the right hand over the left thigh so that the palm of the right hand touches down on the carpet next to the left leg.
The left hand reaches the ceiling, her shoulders straight, her eyes on her hands are raised. At this time, keep the two knees parallel.
Put the weight down on the foot, inhale and return to the original position. Exhale and repeat movements to the right.

Three-legged posture
Effects: Three-legged posture is a variant of the dog's face (a popular posture in Yoga) that stimulates blood flow to organs in the body.

- First, you kneel on the floor, knees hit the floor.
Slowly lift the person upwards, with his or her arms up front, with the legs stretched outwards, but higher than the head, forming the dog's face.
Keep your shoulders parallel to the floor, lifting your right leg up. After 5 deep breaths, lower your legs to the old position and repeat the movement with your left leg.

Post bending posture
Effects: This posture improves respiratory function. Deep breathing also helps the body to release carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other toxins.

- To start the movement, you sit kneeling on the exercise mat.
- Bend back, with hands down the carpet, palms touching the carpet. After 5 breaths, return to the original posture.

Fish posture
Effect: This posture focuses on the abdomen to improve digestion

- Lie down on the carpet. The legs stretched straight, hands stretched straight down the body, palms upward.
- Inhale, while lifting legs, head, upper body from the carpet. Can fold to improve the difficulty of posture.
Hold for 5 breaths, then return to the original position.

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