Beautiful posthumously with Yoga

Saturday - 16/09/2017 11:27
Nowadays, among the many beauty methods, Yoga is considered by experts as one of the best and safest methods to help women quickly regain the postmenstrual slim shape.

Yoga is not only good for your health, but also helps to improve the appearance and speed of body and skin improvement. Here is a combined yoga exercise, which helps to shed body fat, giving the body a toned and perfect body.
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1. Face Slimming


- Face and eyes looking at the ceiling,

Slowly blow the air out of the mouth.

Effect: Regular exercise will help the jaw to become firmer, which will also make your cheeks look slimmer.

2. The shoulder and arm movement


Put your hands on the floor, feet and back straight, face down on the floor.

- Between this posture for 45 seconds.

Repeat for 5 times.

Effect: With this action burns whole body fat, especially shoulder and arm muscles, helping the shoulders and arms become firmer.

3. The action to reduce belly fat


Lie on the floor, arms close together, hands palms to the ground, folded legs, feet to touch the ground. - Keep your arms and legs straight, lift your buttocks up

Lower your hips and straighten your legs and lift them up, push your head up and lift your buttocks. Back to step 1 (complete one episode)

- Make 5 times to get the best fat reduction.

Efficacy: Exactly doing the above will help you to support the abdominal fat reduction in the most effective way.

4. Hip and hip reduction


 - Sit, knees bent, feet on the floor.

- Lean back a little so that the balance. Raise your legs up parallel to the floor, bent knees.

Raise both hands forward, parallel to the floor, palms facing each other. Keep your chest high and abdominal, then slowly start stretching your legs. Hold 5 to 10 breaths posture. Repeat this operation for 5 times.

Efficacy: When done this will help to stretch the abdominal muscles and hips. When the foot is raised and held in balance, the thigh and calf muscles will be stretched out completely and quickly to help burn all the excess fat left over the hips and legs, be more balanced.

There are many ways to help beauty after birth but it is important to search, choose the method that really effective, most appropriate. Hopefully with this yoga exercise will help you quickly regain your postnatal physique!


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