Effective back pain treatment for office workers

Friday - 29/09/2017 19:12
Back pain is a common disease common in many people, especially in the office world - due to frequent work on the computer, less time to exercise, relax. Back pain at first stage is not worrisome, usually it only appears for a few days and then will automatically disappear. However, it is very dangerous in cases of persistent back pain persist and begin to show signs of spread to other parts of the body such as hips, legs, ...
And to effectively prevent and treat back pain, here are five ways we can share it:
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1. Sitting posture - straight back

Often office workers are required to work at least eight hours a day (or more) and this will put tremendous pressure on your spine - the cause of back pain. But you can help yourself prevent back pain is quite simple by choosing for yourself a sitting posture science.

When working, the best position is to sit back and lean on the seat. Because with this position will help keep your spine straight, avoid feeling tired. In addition, the seat you can add a soft cushion pillow, the pillow works to help your back become more comfortable and comfortable when working.

2. Diet

Most of us know that calcium is important for keeping bones healthy. However, in recent studies, Japanese researchers have also discovered a significant effect on bone strength: vitamin K. Vitamin K is found in broccoli, spinach, cabbage green and dark green leafy vegetables, ... vitamin K will support calcium in the bones, making the calcium layer denser and stronger. Make yourself a good eating habit as this will keep your bones healthy and you also do not have to worry about the symptoms of back pain anymore.

3. Drink plenty of water

A sufficient amount of pure water (8-10 cups per day) is indispensable for the spine. Since all discs are hydraulically raised and up to 80% are water. If each day does not provide enough water for the body, the body will drain water from the discs, causing the discs to dry out, becoming weaker. And that is one of the common causes of back pain in the office.

4. Practice Yoga

Science has proven many of the beneficial effects of yoga. Based on specific workouts that affect each part of the body, Yoga is one of the methods of choice that can help prevent and treat back pain. Each day just take 10-15 minutes to practice, your back pain will not completely disappear but the other pathological symptoms will also improve and significantly reduce.

5. Good sleep

Good sleep not only gives you a refreshing spirit after a hard working day but also helps prevent back pain and bone loss. A recent study in Spine has shown that people who sleep on a softer, quieter bed are less likely to have lower back pain than those who sleep on hard mattress beds.

Note: Sleeping position is also very important. When sleeping, you should not be too tall for the spine. If you lie on your back, your chin will not form a sharp angle and if you lie on your side, it will not be swept close to your shoulders because if you sleep like that, your sleep will not get deep and that is also the reason for waking up in the morning Some people feel back pain.

These methods are extremely simple. Now, you can rest assured, not worry about back pain.

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