Effective back pain yoga

Friday - 13/10/2017 17:41
Back pain treatment with yoga is not a new method, but very few people know this method. With yoga you can not only be healthy with your back but also help your body become more supple, yoga will also help you feel better.

This article teaches you some yoga moves that work to reverse back pain. You can read the article and apply it.

1. Posture cobra:
Cobra posture is the best and most effective posture for back ache. It extends your spine and later provides comfort to the practitioner. With this action should stretch straightening legs, hands down to the floor, shoulder width and face look up. Keeping your movements and breathing in rhythm will help you reduce the tension in your back.

2. Child posture:
This reduces the pain in the neck and back. This requires two hands to come back, fold the legs and head to the ground, and keep the back straight.

3. Cats breathing technique:
In this position, it will help you to stretch and relax your back. When doing this action should breathe rhythmic every move.

4. Posture:
This movement just rests on a flat surface and relaxes your body, so you can relieve the pain. For people with backache, avoid lying in a chair, or anywhere. If you are in the long run, you will definitely pay.

5. Folding posture:
You do this correctly and often, you can reduce the pain on the lumbar side. When you start exercising, your muscles and limbs are still hard to hold. However, keep up the regularity you will perform exactly the same movements in the picture.

6. camel posture:
This helps your back to relax after the stressful working hours of the day. When doing this posture, do not forget to breathe regularly.

Whether you have backache or not, yoga is also a training method that you should work on for endurance health, especially for women who have a well-balanced body.

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