Exercises to relieve leg pain by using high heels

Tuesday - 03/10/2017 17:08
For women, high heels are considered a special weapon to help women in beauty, improve the height of the body.
 However, if all day long to stand on the shoes are high, moving often with the same shoes so high status pain in the area of ​​the heel, swelling of the toes, ... is a inevitable. Just a few days to practice yoga, it will help you immediately reduce the symptoms of high heels, in addition to help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. that's it!
bai tap yoga

Exercise 1


- Sit back straight, with two legs stretched straight parallel to the ground

- The left leg shrinks, the soles of the feet are placed close to the right thigh. At the end of the knee, two hands hold the right foot. Look straight.

Keep this position for 45 seconds. Get back to the original position and perform with the other leg.

Exercise 2


Stand on the carpet with your right foot in front, legs separated by a distance.

Slowly lower your right knee, thighs parallel to the floor. Next, the two hands clenched and raised upward, eyes facing the ceiling, trying to stretch themselves, bend back to the back. Keep this position for 10 pulses and repeat for the left.

Exercise 3


Lie on the back of the posture.

- Place the soles of your feet together, slowly compress your feet. Combined breathing regularly. Keep this position for 2-3 minutes.

When doing this yoga exercise, your whole body will be completely relaxed, especially in the soles of the feet.

Exercise 4


- Wide feet forward to a distance of two shoulders, forelegs, hind legs straight, two hands spread across, lowering the center forward.

- Hold for 1-2 minutes. Get upright and do the opposite.

A yoga exercise puts all the gravity on the front of your foot, helping your feet get used to the heavy weight of your feet, just as you would on a high heel.

Exercise 5


- Start with a straight upright position. Fold forward so that the toes of the fingers touch the floor.

- Cross your legs and keep your two thumbs up, the soles of the feet touching the floor. Bend knee bent slightly, keeping left leg straight.

- Hold for 45 seconds.

Make this yoga exercise your free time, especially every morning before work and every night before going to sleep. It will help your feet relax completely, avoid signs of pain, swelling of the feet when the whole day have to walk hard on the heels, help prevent the appearance of veins, deformity bad feet, giving you beauty and confidence on every step.

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