Is yoga the same as you are thinking?

Wednesday - 25/10/2017 10:10
"The thing that some of you do not eat or drink anything and sit up from the mats? What subjects do you practice as a bow noodles? Is it aerobic? That must be very sleepy, do not meditate all day. "This is the comment of many people in that there must have been many people we had before before coming to yoga.

"Sports to lose weight ... with the spine is no where to cure and do not want to do yoga, then have to go to yoga training .. This course is good sleep this spreads ... Today my hands are holding my legs y I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it. This is a scary story of those who have walked on the rug from one week to several years. There is a sad story about the carpet. Then yoga again in the minds of each one is defined differently.

"This must be the new yogi really ... Must eat like this is called yoga ... Must be breathing out. To meditate in color ... Have to sit for a few hours ... "The purpose we set out to step up every day.

If you ask where is the right place, where is wrong, where is the real yoga. There is no where the right is wrong, yoga is all inclusive. On the academic side can explain to you is yoga consists of 8 steps to practice mind - body ... also popularize yoga is a world that is as colorful as this life so just mind you Right after the yoga will bring you a healthier life:

1. Listen to yourself: When you do not compare yourself to anyone, each one has a strength that others will not have. Each one is unique, just you today better than you yesterday is enough.

2. Focus on your body: At this point the self-healing instinct of the body will work to help your body heal the disease inside the body.

3. Respect yourself: focus on each move, every minute of practice because you are practicing for your own benefit.

4. Meditation - Breathing - Exercise - Knowledge: There is not anything superfluous. Believe it and you will see everything perfect complement and give you health beyond expectations.

Live peacefully.

Wish you with yoga have a healthy life journey. Walking is not easy, but what you achieve will be a worthy achievement

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