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Wednesday - 02/08/2017 17:42
Scientists advise that only yoga should be done when the abdomen is empty or 3 hours after the main meal, 2 hours after the snack and fruit are snacks should be used before yoga. Some "snack" fruits before the training session can help you provide energy during your daily yoga practice.

1. Melon melon
Melon contains vitamins C and high antioxidants help women's skin becomes smooth, beautiful. In addition, melon is a fruit with plenty of water and low acid helps your body retain water when exercising.

2. Apples
Only use one apple before yoga to help you regain your energy when exercising. On the other hand, apple has great effect in enhancing resistance, anti-oxidation, good for health and skin.
Apple also has a rich source of vitamin C, low in sugar and clean teeth.

3. Oatmeal
If you want to burn energy but your body is still healthy after yoga use half a cup of barley flour before practice. Oatmeal improves the body's health and resistance and replenishes the body's vitamins, minerals and fiber.

4. Le
Eating a pear is a smart choice when the body shows signs of fatigue or weakness as they help to absorb glucose and convert it into energy for the body to function. Low acidity and fiber in pears will keep you energized throughout your workout.

5. Raisins
Raisin contains high calorie content, so it gives athletes extra energy before the game. In addition, raisins are rich in antioxidants, which help the blood flow well. Antioxidants found in raisins can protect you against aging and cancer.

Raisins strengthen the body's energy during yoga. Photo: Foodforlife

6. Bananas
Potassium in banana is very good for yoga practitioners to help you avoid muscle cramps, those who love sports such as running, cycling ... should eat bananas before running, or bike ride, run butter.

Potassium in combination with sodium helps the body increase its ability to retain water.

The note when yoga you should know

- The appropriate exercise time is before morning or afternoon.

- At the beginning, it is better to practice less, but regularly every day. Avoid accumulating much to do once or twice a week.

Wear loose fitting underwear and comfortable clothing so that you do not block movement or movement of the breath.

- Do not try to be like other people. Do not let any movement hurt you. If you feel pain, reduce the pressure. If pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, dizziness or shortness of breath, it must stop immediately.

It is advisable to practice a uniform posture on both sides of the body.

- Do not contact with water for at least 10 minutes after practice.

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