Meditation postures in Yoga are effective

Friday - 23/06/2017 21:43
Meditation posture in yoga is simple but very important because sitting improperly can negatively affect your health. In every country, religion or meditation there are different meditation postures.

Regular sitting meditation is a method that helps the muscles in our body expand. Furthermore, meditation does not only make us physically healthy but also makes our minds very alert and focused. In meditation postures in Yoga, the following three postures are the most common:
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Sitting with: Standing posture, also known as sitting with legs, is the most common and easiest posture. You just sit cross legged, straight back, hands relaxed on the knee or press the Tam to. This posture is for meditators or people with leg problems that can not be sold by age or age. If you have the ability, it is best to practice the other posture and only see this posture is temporary in the process you have not been sold old and cross. Because when you sit cross-legged, your spine is prone to coincidence and you are more prone to lean forward, causing concentration when meditation is dispersed.
Sitting with

Sitting old: Sitting old is the way to sit one leg on the other leg. Just sitting in this position, you keep your spine straight, not easily tilted when you meditate deep. This position is quite easy to practice if your legs are not too hard. Before sitting, you do a few light-action exercises for the thigh and leg muscles that can be squeezed. Song, long sitting in this position easily cause fatigue and numbness.
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Sitting old

The lotus posture: The lotus posture (also known as the lotus posture) is the most suitable posture for sitting meditation. To sit cross-legged, at the beginning you sit naturally, using the right hand grasp of the right foot folded foot slowly and place the foot on the left thigh, heel pressure close to the abdomen, the soles of the feet to the sky. Next, use your left hand grabs to fold the left foot, place the left foot on the right thigh, lightly pull the heel against the abdomen, the foot up to the sky. This is a very difficult posture, it requires you to persist in training, overcome the initial pain.
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A few things to notice

Whether sitting in any position, you should always keep your back straight. Because deep meditation will have an energy flow from the spinal column to the brain. If the back curves will prevent this energy flow, it decreases the breath and decreases the concentration, mindfulness of the mind.

When sitting meditation, you also have to relax and relax the muscles in the body, especially the face and arms, not gongs, exertion in addition to keeping the spine straight. In fact, when the facial muscles and muscles of the hands relax softly, your entire body is relaxed enough that the two organs are reflective areas, which correspond to the whole body.


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