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Thursday - 24/08/2017 14:46
There are many who come to Yoga as a method of long-term health, but not everyone can persevere with it. Because of some initial hurdles, they often give up or rely on objective personal reasons so they can not pursue this discipline. Then let me take a look at the 06 obstacles below, I'm sure you will change your mind!
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1. Unusual symptoms
When practicing yoga in person will change, so be careful and always observe whether the changes are good or bad.

+ Good: If you see a stronger person, a good night's sleep, a smoother face, brighter eyes and a clearer mind, these are good signs of improvement. With these good points, yoga practitioners will have a stronger spirit to move forward.
In addition to the above, it can be seen that when practicing yoga for a short time, people see limbs or body movements that are abnormal or "shaking". If the vibrations are due to yoga, they are a good sign because it is Prana's operation. This shows that the trainer has made progress, so do not be afraid, keep practicing, the symptoms will naturally disappear.

+ Bad points: If yoga is abnormal, such as becoming screaming, screaming, sleeping poorly, dulling eyes, painful ... If less practice but less symptoms Clearly there are defects in the training process. When it is not possible to find the cause of the problem, it is best to suspend the exercise and seek out more experienced people for advice.

2. Bored
The good intentions of life, good intentions for the future are usually not difficult but always require time to implement. It is difficult in that we do how to keep patience, to regulate each day to complete the intended work. Human nature is like old innovation. When starting to do a job, they are very hard-working but only enthusiastic for a while and give up.

The human nature is so, so when yoga we need to know to tame. Should find yourself a certain hour, a place to practice stability and regular exercise every day. If practiced like that, though not miraculous, I have shown strength and have a patience virtue. Patience helps us to succeed in life. Good results never come to the short-tempered, our future is in our hands, we need courage and patience.

3. Doubt
There are people who after a period of regular practice are naturally bored and suspected. Doubting that Yoga is not good, does it make me stronger, is it possible to have a high spiritual life and sincere love, to help me understand myself?

Yoga is about building new good habits to replace old bad habits. The old bad habits are rooted, long root is not easy to eliminate. So a little knowledge gained through books, a bit of enthusiasm initially will fade with time without the excitement to create excitement back then, yoga practitioners hard to continue to practice regularly. right.

To keep the spirit of yoga practitioners always need to be stimulated by reading more books, yoga articles or spiritual highs. If possible, join the yoga practice so that the other person supports the spirit of the other, radically shunned by the bad effects. Thus belief in yoga will be strengthened and strengthened.

4. Fund time, sleepiness and lack of sleep
In the present life, each person also has to do a lot of different work so the time is very tight. That's one of the reasons many people put up to quit the practice or to "copy" their mouths that "Yoga is good but I do not have time to practice." Actually we can arrange to reduce one hour sleep or reduce the time of chatting, shopping time ... we can have time for Yoga.

Meditation and best practice should be done in the early morning and late afternoon when sunset or after dinner about 2.5 -3 hours. When meditation should feel comfortable, calm mind. If early morning sitting meditation sleepy, it is best to practice breathing for a few minutes to clear your mind, sleepy. But if you practice meditation in the evening, then breathing exercises can be difficult to sleep so you should practice the rabbit or the candle posture.

5. Richness and life
Some people think that they need to get rich in order to take care of all the risks in their life, to have enough money for their children to study successfully, after their children learn how to make money. Moreover, much money will help you not to be inferior to your friends and others. When you go to old age, do not go to bed with a child or anyone ... so you can not go to yoga.

The above thinking is somewhat correct but also somewhat wrong, which is not good in that person does not know what is enough. First of all, want to have a lot of money to work hard calculation, thinking ... the stage of enrichment also makes people worry.

Some people think that it is enough to educate their children, not to diminish their will and willpower by taking care of their lives. This concept is very true because the majority of great men are beginning their lives by striving. The difficulty is the teacher train the will.

6. Absence of conditions
Many people who practice yoga for a while feel that they are not qualified to quit. These conditions are classified into two types, material and spiritual.

+ Material: set back pain, leg pain, sitting not back straight, exercise for months but not see the results, ... that is the reason given to quit. In fact, these feelings of pain appear to be due to the fact that we are just beginning to work on muscles, tendons and joints that are not adapted to stretching, stretching, twisting, In yoga.

This is the normal course of the body and then the body will become accustomed and more flexible allowing you to perform special postures in yoga like candles, lotus positions ... Patience will help us overcome Through and succeed.

+ Spirit: The nature of active ham so young people find it very difficult to focus on thought. They think that the mind has too many ideas, too many things to solve in life too so they are not controlled. Besides, they said that Yoga is for the elderly. This concept is not right. It is during your youth, healthy body and mental clarity that it is the best time to start yoga. Actually, problems in control of thought are increasing for a long time rather than decreasing over time.

For young or old, too, at the beginning of practice is always difficult. All physical and mental difficulties can come to people and people are not born completely to practice yoga.

Therefore, the conditions to practice Yoga is not to have long legs to sit lotus for easy, have a clear mind that only need patience.

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