Reduce face fatigue with yoga and diet

Tuesday - 12/09/2017 11:05
Fatigue causes psychological loss of confidence for many women when appearing in front of the crowd. However, now women will no longer worry, worry about fatigue anymore if you know and apply the following very simple ways.
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1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits are extremely good for the skin and this is also a pretty good dietary supplement for women in reducing facial fat. will help the body to provide enough water needed ... especially eat more celery. Because celery contains a number of substances that help burn fat on the body, especially the surface area is very good.

2. Limit high salt intake
Salt is the main culprit of the women's fatigue due to water retention. If you take more salt, your face will be swollen, fat than normal. So, to prevent face fatigue, it is essential that you limit your intake of high-salt foods.

3. Drink fresh milk
According to a recent obesity study, calcium in milk reduces dihydroxy vitamin D3, a vitamin that promotes the growth of fat cells in your body. And in milk is very high calcium content, so when you drink a lot of milk will help slow the growth of fat cells. Especially, it is more effective when you know to combine with a reasonable diet.

4. Do yoga
In addition to the above, to help you prevent and reduce facial fatigue, you can apply the following three simple yoga moves for facial muscles. If you practice every day, it will not only help your face firmer but also help you stop and repel the wrinkles pretty well.

Exercise 1: Face painting


- Face and eyes looking at the ceiling

Slowly blow the air out of the mouth

Effect: Regularly practicing this yoga exercise will help your jaw to become firmer, which will also make your cheeks slimmer.

Exercise 2: mouth


- Chu lips are O-shaped and try to blow air out of the mouth.

- Hold on

Repeat the action about 7-8 times a day, your free time to get the best results.

Effect: This action helps you quickly burn excess fat in the face.

Exercise 3: Slap your cheeks


Take all of your strength, take a deep breath and suck on your cheek until you feel the muscles on either side of your mouth sink into your cheeks.

Hold this position for 15 seconds

Repeat this exercise about 10 times.

Effect: This yoga exercise will help to quickly beat the fat on both sides of the cheeks and chin, helping your face become neater.

Hopefully with the sharing information and with her Yoga on will help to help her in beauty, helping her more beautiful and confident about her face.


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