Secrets to help your sister more beautiful every day

Friday - 08/09/2017 10:12
Are you looking for a perfect method of beauty? Are you struggling, cumbersome to combine a variety of methods in maintaining beauty? So now you can be completely rest assured, because simply apply the following 3 tips, will help you be more beautiful and radiant every day.
1. Laugh
The ancients used to say: "A smile with ten pill tonic" and this statement is absolutely correct. The effect of the smile is very large. It not only helps people look younger, relieves stress but also helps you consume a large amount of excess calories in the body. Researchers say that every 100 smiles have the same effect as exercising continuously for 10 to 15 minutes on exercise machines. If you are looking to choose a natural way of natural beauty, this is a pretty effective solution for you, you will be surprised when you find yourself more beautiful every day.

2. Do yoga
If you do not want to exercise because you do not want to do heavy exercise, instead, you can do yoga with gentle movements. While the major physical activities have side effects, walking outdoors also helps you to absorb vitamin D from the sun, Vitamin D helps prevent depression, colon cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, yoga is a solution, a trick that works well both physically and mentally.
tap yoga

Yoga exercises seem simple, gentle, but help the body spend a large amount of energy - bigger than running your continuous exercise for hours, playing volleyball or swimming.

Do you know? In one hour of traditional yoga (such as "Hatha"), you can spend 200 calories and lose more than 400 calories for hard work, requiring more posture, Astanga ". Moreover, yoga does not cause you much effort and sweat like other forms of physical fitness. That is why we recommend you do yoga every day, as it will help you become more beautiful, more attractive.

3. do the housework
Washing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning the house ... the work seems so boring every day, but you have to do, but this is a very effective way to consume a huge calorie intake.

House cleaning is also a form of physical activity. On average, for one hour of home cleaning, you will consume about 238 calories. Because by arranging things neatly we will stand up and sit down many times and that is the key to burning excess calories. And preparing a dinner for 30-60 minutes will burn up. 80-400 calories, 30 minutes of dishwasher, burns about 85 calories, ...

So do not be afraid to do not cheer up when doing housework like this, because it not only help you become a woman extremely sure, but also help shape, sister body increasingly slim. Compact and beautiful.

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