Should men practice yoga?

Thursday - 05/10/2017 17:26
Men are always looking for ways to improve their health and body shape, but many people are unfamiliar when they are introduced to the practice of yoga.
yoga nam gioi

So what is yoga? And why should men practice yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art, based on a scientific study of physical, mental and spiritual. Helps your body stay healthy, while providing stability and clarity to your will.

In a recent survey, only about 18% of the 20.4 million people who practice yoga are men. However, 5,000 years ago, yoga was a sport designed exclusively for men, but today is more popular with women. So what does yoga really do for men?

1. Restore, reduce back pain and muscles
Yoga moves help stretch the body, strengthen the muscles and soothe the pain, especially back and shoulder pain caused by overwork. You will feel faster and more flexible before just a few lessons.

2. For firm and supple body
Yoga is different from other sports, it helps you to train the whole body, then the blood circulation well, sweat and stretch, help lose weight, especially the abdomen, the body more firmly

3. Create energy and increase your concentration
During 60 minutes of practice, you have to be completely focused on each move, which is very useful for those who need high concentration. After class, you will feel the body as more strength, flexibility to work to the highest efficiency.

4. Purify and improve body odor
Most yoga classes, you will see the temperature rise, you will pour a lot of sweat in the classroom. In this way, the body will release harmful toxins from beer, alcohol, cigarettes ... help the body "clean" & stronger. Strengthen confidence when dealing with women.

5. Physiological improvement
The technique of breathing and relaxing in yoga helps you to prolong the "love" longer. Many yoga exercises are not only beneficial to your muscles, but they also promote blood flow to many other organs in your body, helping to prevent premature ejaculation, which is what most men wear.

With the practical benefits that yoga brings to men, so why not try one on the rug and practice with us. It will definitely be an enjoyable experience that you have never had.

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