The golden rule in eating when practicing yoga

Monday - 03/07/2017 21:20
How to eat while doing yoga as well as everyday foods are a great concern of yoga practitioners.Today, we would like to send you 13 golden rules in your daily diet, hope it can help you improve your health. Come on! Let's take a look:
1. Only eat when hungry.
2. Drink plenty of fluids.
uong nhieu nuoc

3. Only eat when calm and relaxed.
4. Eat slowly and carefully chew food (eat food and drink food).
5. Take meals far enough apart.
6. Fresh foods should be eaten fresh because they retain many vitamins and minerals (not destroyed during cooking and cooking).
rau cu

7. The best yoga practitioners should adopt a vegetarian diet. If not vegetarian try to reduce meat, fish and eggs. Include plenty of milk, butter, yoghurt, phoma, vegetables, roots, fresh fruits and nuts, sesame, peanuts (banana, cucumber, yogurt only in the morning and noon, absolutely not eaten in night).
8. Do not eat onions, garlic, white bread, mushrooms, pasta, and stale foods.
9. Do not drink alcohol, beer, and tea. No smoking, no tobacco.
10. Drink fresh water or tea. It is a good idea to drink more lemonade (cool boiled water, squeeze fresh lemon juice with some salt (do not mix with sugar).
11. Do not eat full. Eat only half the stomach, and let a quarter of the stomach contain water and a quarter of the stomach contains air and vapor, which will eat well. If need be able to eat many meals.
12. After Yoga, after 10 to 15 minutes to eat liquid food, after 30 minutes to eat solid food.
13. For those who are skinny, weak or do heavy work, they should add more vegetarian food to non-slaughter animal foods such as fresh milk, butter ...

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