The most effective way to meditate

Sunday - 25/06/2017 21:39
Meditation is the method that helps form the habit of concentrating thought to do what we want and are doing. It helps to correct an imbalance between excitement and nervous system depression - the result of stressful work and activities.

In the term yoga, meditation is a state of purity and concentration when the mind is flowing unobstructed. To meditate effectively, you need to practice meditation effectively, both good for health and avoiding the negative effects of sitting meditation in the wrong way.

What is the way to meditate effectively?

- Unbroken: Before sitting meditation, it is necessary to complete the daily work of the day to get rid of thoughts. Turn off the phone, tell everyone you do not want to be disturbed. Close the door and leave all the world behind.

Arrange a convenient location for meditation: Keep the meditation area clean and airy with bonsai or some spiritual paintings, rugs or meditation blankets.
ngoi thien dung cach

Meditation must be clean, airy

Meditating before meditation: It increases energy and also helps the mind calm down, preparing for deep meditation. First, use pure chilled water to genital area, flip the legs from the knees back down, then the two arms (from the elbow down). Dab a little water into your mouth then splash cold water over your eyes 12 times when your eyes are open. Put water on the palm of your hand, head back, gently press on the nose and let the water flow out to your mouth, rinse your mouth and throat with your middle finger, wash your ears and neck (use cold water without soap) ).
tam truoc khi thien

There before thien
Bath before meditation to clean body, spirit of comfort

After the meal, the energy of the body is concentrated to the digestive organs, the mind becomes passive and more difficult to focus on, so always meditate on an empty stomach.

Keeping the spine straight: When deep meditation, energy flows from the spinal column to the brain. If we collapse or mourn with our backs, this impedes the flow of energy, decreases the breath, and decreases the mind's alertness. So sit upright on the flat, fixed like the floor, do not sit on the soft bed, sit on a small pillow as it helps straight back.

Keep the spine straight

- Practice meditation twice a day: To achieve a higher state of awareness, it is important to create daily meditation habits. You have to meditate twice a day for at least 5 minutes.

- Practice meditation at a certain time: The best time is at sunrise and sunset (before breakfast and before dinner). In the middle of the night, in the peace of the night, before you go to sleep is the best time.

When stopping meditation, take 3 deep breaths, then rub both hands for warmth, palms up your eyes 3 times, rub your face, neck, nape, straighten your back, legs.

In addition, there are some meditation notes that you should not be impatient, so do collective meditation regularly once a week, read advanced ...


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