The reason you should work hard yoga

Thursday - 10/08/2017 18:02
Many studies have shown that regular yoga can significantly improve the health and well-being of people, especially weight loss yoga.

1. Helps balance the spirit
Many studies have demonstrated that regular yoga practice dramatically improves mental and emotional well-being of the practitioner: it defeats seasonal mood disorder, a type of depression and stress. Feeling tired, depressed.

This emotional disorder stems from damp weather, heavy rain, low light in the spring, thus disrupting the natural melatonin hormone balance and reducing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects mood. Relaxing yoga postures will help people feel their balance, free themselves from tiredness, boredom and full of energy for life.

2. Helps stretch the muscles and strengthen muscles
The yoga movement has the effect of stretching the core to bring the spirit of comfort for a long day. The process of stretching the muscles by a yoga method will help you become supple and give you high stamina for muscles and joints. Gradually, you will feel the flexibility of the muscles in your body, back, shoulders and hips. Yoga practice is also well suited to the office population, who have to sit and regularly use the computer.

3. Helps relieve joint pain symptoms
Spring wet weather, hot and cold, causes many people with joint pain, swelling of the knee joint, difficulty moving. If you are feeling uncomfortable with your illness, try some light yoga exercises.

American researchers have watched hundreds of yoga patients and yoga can reduce the symptoms of joint pain, reduce morning stiffness, improve physical well-being and relieve stress, Add arthritis.

4. Help strengthen the circulation
Basic to advanced yoga exercises have the ability to regulate heart rate and blood pressure, enhance coronary circulation, improve cardiac contractility, improve cardiac muscle endurance in conditions of underdevelopment. oxygen. According to a study, regular exercise will reduce the heart rate by 10%, blood pressure decreased from 15 to 25%, actively prevent hypertensive diseases.

5. Helps strengthen the body's immune system
Spring high humidity, warm temperatures are very suitable for microorganisms to grow. Yoga will help cleanse and enhance the functioning of organs in the body and stabilize the mood, helping to defeat all pathogens and pathogenic bacteria from the environment.

6. Helps relieve asthma symptoms
Asthma often worsens in the spring due to erratic, wet weather that causes the bacteria to burst. Some people also have allergies to pollen, cat hair ...

It is essential for people with asthma to exercise regularly, but not too much. It is best that the courses can be practiced indoors, and yoga is a very good option. The mechanism of breathing and breathing regulation allows people with respiratory problems to actually breathe better with the lungs and encourage the lungs to work at full capacity. In addition, these breathing techniques will also help to vent the nasal passages and central nervous system, which is significant not only in terms of health but also mental.

7. The consequences of a lazy winter and a high fat diet to keep warm are excess body weights.
Regular yoga will reduce levels of stress hormones and increase insulin sensitivity, which will help your body burn more calories, reducing calories to fat. Standing, twisting, twisting, and deep-breathing exercises will help to drain energy, while strengthening the muscles of your arms, calves, buttocks and abdomen.

8. Help the body to rest properly
Most of the time you have to dive in your work, and when you have free time, you are too tired to practice anything. Then try a little yoga. You do not have to go, run, or do something that is just sitting down, or lying down if you like.

Yoga allows you to temporarily forget everything, free yourself from all the stresses of life and concentrate on regulating your breathing and posture. As a result, you will feel more energy, muscles relax and spirit is also more relieved, more excited.

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