The secret to healthy bones

Monday - 25/09/2017 18:53
As you get older, your body gradually shows signs of aging and poor bone density, which is one of the most obvious manifestations of the problem. Please help your bones are strong every day in the very simple ways after offline!
he xuong chac khoe

1. Exercise
Most of us know the positive benefits of exercising. But many of us have the patience.

Depending on the preferences, each person can choose for himself a suitable sports such as swimming, volleyball, badminton ... This will help to exercise and increase flexibility for the skeletal system a lot.

2. Bicycling
Cycling is a great activity to burn a large amount of calories and to build resilience to your joints. When cycling, the amount of blood in the body is circulated to help lubricate the joints and make your knee joints more resilient and healthy.

In addition, cycling can improve the body's internal organs, strengthen cardiopulmonary functions and increase endurance, promote metabolism and blood circulation, slow down the aging process.

3. Do yoga
Yoga is good for human health. In addition to helping you repel illness, reduce stress, keep fit and beautify your body, regular yoga helps keep bones strong and strong. Yoga practice gives you a graceful, graceful posture and keeps away from injury, enhancing muscle activity.

Having a strong bones system will help you to have good health and good health that can help you do all the things you enjoy. Gentle yoga exercises that do not affect your joints. So, make up your yoga habits for 15 minutes a day.

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