Things you need to know when practicing yoga

Sunday - 23/07/2017 14:53
Have you ever practiced yoga or do you intend to come to yoga or just practice? Certainly the following guidelines will help you to achieve higher performance in the practice
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1 - Wearing too large or too tight clothes is not good for training. Wear good elasticity clothes (elastic, cotton, etc.) for blood circulation and ease in stretching the body.

2 - Do not wear too much jewelry when practicing yoga. Go barefoot when practicing yoga.

3 - Pay attention to your breathing, breathe through your nose (except breathing techniques require separate breathing by the coach)

4 - Practice yoga with the exercise mat. You can bring a small towel to wipe off sweat when needed.

In Yoga, focusing on the body to help the mind mix harmoniously with the movement is very important. When your muscles have been "heated", you will easily perform stretching activities such as body flexion (nose touch pillow), fingertips touching the tip of the toes while legs are straightened ...

6 - Do not overzealous. This is not good for your body. Feel free to work on your own, but try to stretch your body a little bit each day to see the true effect of yoga.

7 - Let your body move lightly with each movement. Do not do too fast, too fast. Feel the breathing and the stretching of the muscles. Absolutely never stretches the muscles to the point of excessive pain.

8- If you feel your mind is a little shocked and tired, relax. Sit on the carpet and return to the child's posture. This will help you regain the balance quickly.

9 - Do not eat too much before practicing for about 2 hours. However, you can eat some fruit before 30 minutes of practice. You can also drink a small glass of water before practicing yoga.

10. During exercise you can drink moderate amounts of water.

11- To help your body regain balance, you should not eat and drink immediately after exercise. You can eat after 30 minutes and drink after 15 minutes.

12- Do Yoga under the guidance of the teacher and experience

13- Talk to your health care provider about the most appropriate exercise.

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