Why yoga is good for office workers

Friday - 27/10/2017 10:27
Today, with the development of technology today, make our work more and more easy. Because our bodies are designed to move, sitting too long in front of a computer for eight hours a day can lead to joint pain, lacerations, and decreased flexibility. At the same time insomnia, poor circulation blood flow will also occur.
yoga van phong

Yoga does not completely eliminate stress, but it is the best tool to reduce stress and increase your concentration. In addition, Yoga also affect the spirit, giving us a positive view of the world around. That is why now many companies have added Yoga to a daily routine in the workplace.

Learn why yoga is good for office workers:

1. Reduce stress and stress
Yoga stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, creating physiological balance. Thus, after practicing yoga, the practitioner feels more comfortable and loves life. At the same time, during the practice, we will forget the daily worries and worries that focus only on the impact on the carpet.

2. Improve the focus
Increasing self awareness in a yoga exercise brings you concentration. Controlling the breath during exercise will keep your mind stable, keeping you focused and alert. These two are very good for those who have to do the work needs high concentration, patience.

3. Yoga detoxifies the body
There are two ways Yoga can help you detoxify your body, by sweating and twisting your body.

Sweating through the skin removes the harmful pigment in the body from the foods you eat daily. At the same time stretching, twisting and compression during the exercise will help stimulate the liver to remove harmful toxins from the body.

4. Yoga changes your perception
Positive chanting - that's what most yoga practitioners feel after leaving the classroom. Yoga stimulates the production of oxytocin - a hormone that causes a sense of joy and happiness. When they are produced more and more, we will feel that everything around us is more positive, more comfortable.

5. Yoga for everyone
Yoga is suitable for all ages and gender. From older people to arthritis to school children. If you travel for work, you can practice in hotel rooms. You can stretch your body with a few simple poses in the office ... All you need is a rug and patience.

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