Yoga - a "precious medicine" for people with diabetes

Saturday - 21/10/2017 09:36
Diabetes is known to be one of the most common chronic diseases that have the fastest rate of increase and are the leading cause of death for all ages. Occurs in many countries where dietary habits are not regulated by obesity and diabetes.
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The cause to the illness
Diabetes can occur at any age, but the most common and most susceptible are those who are obese, who drink a lot of alcohol and are lazy.

The disease may be due to heredity, but the disease is also often caused by stress or by excess body fat. The pancreas produces less insulin, and the cells can not absorb insulin. This is a case of insulin resistance. As a result, we often urinate, feel thirsty and hungry.

Signs that you are at risk
- Eat better, more

- Do not like movement

- Fat

- Feeling on both legs have ants, sometimes numbness, pain, night symptoms more obvious

- Inflammation of the skin (eczema, sensitivity, acne in older people)

- Urinary tract infections, gynecological diseases repeated repeatedly

- Poor sexual ability

- Cataract

These symptoms are incomplete, sometimes of other illnesses however if you have these high risk symptoms you are suffering from mild diabetes. When the disease is worse, the symptoms are "more urine, more thirst, eat more but lose weight"

Diabetes can cause complications in the body. Diabetes patients should be careful to keep their glucose levels normal. In combination with insulin injections and a proper diet, regular exercise is encouraged.

In addition to the good medicine on diabetes, yoga is a natural and cost effective method. Yoga for diabetes is a proper exercise for weight loss and good physical exchange.

Yoga works on the body, mind and soul. Yoga will help you feel more comfortable and no longer feel self-deprecating. You will regain consciousness about your blood glucose level only by feeling the physical inside of your body. Raise your awareness of when to eat and when you should reduce your intake of sugar, yoga and meditation will help you find balance and feel your body better.

Diabetes can be treated without even leaving the complications if we know to adopt a proper diet in combination with regular yoga and directed by professional trainers. Experience is no longer a threat to the anxiety of the sufferer.

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