Yoga benefits bring middle-aged women

Monday - 28/08/2017 15:34
Middle-age should be a wonderful time in a woman's life, but not everyone can easily get it. For many women, this is the time when the body begins the process of natural aging, the mind and body begin to get tired, no longer interested in the things around in life.
yoga cho phu nu trung nien

In addition, at this age, hormones (estrogens) decrease, ovulation is uneven, the endorphins (feelings of natural aggression) are not released, leading to the consequences of many chronic diseases such as: Weight gain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, the risk of uterine cancer, breast cancer and premenopausal syndrome.

However, every problem has its own solution!

Physical activity has a positive effect on the human body, but in middle age, we can not participate in activities that require agility. Running, swimming, soccer ... So Yoga is a safe and appropriate choice at this age.

Let's take a look at the important benefits that yoga can bring to middle-aged women!

Weight loss
The twisting, twisting movements in the Yoga class will help the practitioner burn fat that is not good, making the body becomes slim, eliminating the feeling of heavy body. In addition, weight loss also reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure ...

Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Yoga helps reduce stress and improves the quality of life for women with breast cancer who are receiving radiation therapy through breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation methods.

The beneficial effects of yoga exist for a long time. After the treatment is over, yoga practitioners realize that their health is better and they better understand the meaning of the disease.

Improve memory.
Recent studies have shown that regular yoga exercises help improve memory, increase concentration. Yoga moves force you to really focus in the classroom, which is especially good for menopausal and premenopausal women.

Reduce Stress and Soreness
Yoga is beneficial in relieving stress and discomfort during menopause in middle-aged women and even helping to get rid of osteoporosis. Yoga has helped many injured women to recover, reduce fatigue, fight depression, and have a better life.

Relieve menopausal symptoms
Yoga is a series of movements associated with various breathing techniques, so the manifestations of premenopausal disorders such as hot flashes, anxiety, irritability ... are minimized. At the same time, practicing yoga every evening will help to sleep better and deeper without the intervention of tranquilizers.

In addition, Yoga regulates estrogen and slows skin aging, helping to brighten, tighten and smooth the skin.

Feeling happy.
Yoga gives you a feeling of physical and emotional well-being. Not only does it make you feel better about yourself but also about the things around you. In addition, one hour of yoga can fight depression - GABA, the trainer feels healthy, positive and happy.

Not only because you are over 40, life ends here. In fact, this is the beginning of a new chapter and Yoga can completely become a health care companion for the rest of the 40 to 50 years, giving you a spirit of self - Healthy body

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